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Pepperdine is still accepting applications. All on-campus courses have temporarily shifted to a virtual format. More information for prospective students

Graziadio is dedicated to guidance through your financial aid process and helping you explore various ways in financing your education. The following program tuition and fee are in effect for 2019-2020 and are subject to change at the University's discretion. Tuition rates are based on a per-unit pricing structure, varying your specific program and preferred schedule. All tuition rates are subject to an annual increase around 3-6%. Pricing adjustments are announced during the spring, taking effect during the following fall term.

If you would like to learn more about your financial aid options, please visit the Financial Aid webpage.

2019-2020 Tuition Rates

Program Flat Rate Per Term Per Unit Rate Estimated Total Tuition
Full-Time MBA $25,470 - $101,880
Fully Employed (Part-Time) MBA - $1,815 $94,380
Online MBA - $1,815 $94,380
Executive MBA  $27,650 - $138,250
President and Key Executives MBA  $37,875 - $151,500
Executive Doctor of Business Administration $20,200 - $121,200
Executive DBA Dissertation  $13,335 - $40,005
MS in Human Resources (full-time) -  $1,895 -
MS in Applied Finance $27,460 - -
MS in Global Business $28,185 - -
MS in Business Analytics  $27,460 - -
MS in Real Estate  $29,645 - -
MS in Organization Development  $14,160 - $84,960
Bachelor of Science in Management* - $1,265 $75,900
Online Bachelor of Science in Management* - $1,265 $75,900