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Bill Fitzgerald portrait

Unlocking Career Opportunities: Alumnus Bill Fitzgerald (MSOD '92) Shares Expert Tips in Latest Book How to Find a New Job Without Looking

Bill Fitzgerald (MSOD ‘92), an experienced executive search professional, co-founded FitzDrake Search, Inc. after working in HR and Organizational Development. In his new book, "How to Find a New Job Without Looking,” he shares expert tips on unlocking career opportunities.

Joy Qiao portrait

From International Student to Assistant Director: How Pepperdine Graziadio's MSML Program Shaped Joy Qiao's Career and Life

Liang (Joy) Qiao (MSML '19) found her true purpose and career fulfillment through Pepperdine Graziadio Business School's MSML program. From an international student to Assistant Director at Pepperdine University, Joy is a shining example of the transformative power of education. Learn more about the experiences that shaped Joy’s career post-graduation in this blog.

Headshot of Poppy

Alumna Poppy Farsijani (MBA '10) Shares Her Experience in the MBA Program and Successful Debut of Film Woman. Life. Freedom.

Journalist and alumna, Poppy Farsijani graduated from Pepperdine's MBA program in 2010 and shares the success of her new documentary.

Headshot of Bryan Barrera

Alumnus Bryan Barrera (MBA '20, PKE 143) Shares His Business Insights and Successful Launch of His First Book

Accomplished CEO and alum, Bryan Barrera graduated from Pepperdine's Presidents and Key Executives MBA program in 2020, and shares the success of his new business book.

National Disability Independence Day

Honoring Our Community on National Disability Independence Day

Join us in celebrating the day that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed and recognizing the substantial achievements of our Disabled community throughout history.

Nadine Tapia

Building a Legacy to Last a Lifetime: Alumna Nadine Tapia Shares Her Experiences in the BSM and MBAJ Programs

Upon earning a BSM degree at Graziadio, Nadine Tapia (BSM '19, MBA '20, MDR '20) extended her learnings within the MBAJ program in hopes of entering the world of entrepreneurship.

Roumann Pangilinan (MBA '22)

Dreams Do Come True: Roumann Pangilinan Elevates Career and Professional Development Resources to Land a Job at Nike

Utilizing the exclusive tools and resources available at the Graziadio Career and Professional Development department aided Roumann Pangilinan (MBA '22) to go after his life goals and pursue his passions.

Shiv Patel (MBA '19)

Lessons From a Woman Entrepreneur: How to Make Your Startup Stand Out in a Saturated Market

Working your way up the entrepreneurship ladder as a woman takes persistence and confidence – leave it up to Shiv Patel (MBA '19) to tell you how to reach the top, successfully.

Maria Odiamar Racho

Shifting Why Me? Into Why Not Me!: A BIPOC Woman Entrepreneur's Experience Entering Venture Capitalism

Investing in venture capital firms never crossed the mind of entrepreneur and alumna, Maria Racho (MSOD ‘12), until she was inspired to become an investor herself.

Pepperdine Graziadio

How to Win at Work in 2022

Steven Van Cohen (MSOD ‘11) shares his insights on the super strategy that will help your professional dreams come true.