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Student Ambassadors

Want to connect with a current Graziadio student? Our dedicated Graziadio Student Ambassadors are excited to share their experiences and help you explore our collaborative community and values-based culture first-hand. Whether you want to know more about life on campus or simply have unanswered questions, we have an ambassador to represent nearly every degree program. So feel free to contact us, we look forward to hearing from you!

John Bandek portrait

John Bandek

  • Degree: Bachelor of Science in Management
  • Graduation date: August 2021
  • Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
  • Graziadio experience: "Every course that I have taken at the Graziadio Business School’s Bachelor of Science in Management program has been an experience itself. The professors that I have encountered during my two trimesters have all invested significant time and effort to ensure my success as a student at Pepperdine. The small class sizes have allowed for relentless networking opportunities and lively discussions fostering an enriched classroom environment. I am confident that I will be able to achieve personal growth and my professional goals through Graziadio’s wide variety of courses and resources offered."

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Kelly Javier portrait

Kelly Javier

  • Degree: BSM '19 and MBAJ General Management, '21
  • Graduation date: April 2022
  • Hometown: Irvine, CA
  • Graziadio experience: “A Pepperdine education extends beyond the classroom and degree completion. This allows Pepperdine to truly create best for world leaders through every touchpoint. As an alumni associate, I am able to continue my education and broaden my connections through online and in-person events. As an MBA student, my professors reach through our virtual classrooms to create a deep understanding of the subject matter in a collaborative way. Allowing me to better stand out in any global business environment. I am always happy to help any prospective students or alumni. ”

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Rory Lassalle portrait

Rory Lassalle

  • Degree:  Fully Employed (Part-Time) MBA with a concentration in Leadership and Managing Organizational Change
  • Graduation date: Spring 2022
  • Hometown: Dayton, OH
  • Graziadio experience: “My experience here has been a personal and professional journey that has created an immediate effect of reciprocity. Pepperdine Graziadio's FEMBA program has created an opportunity for me to develop and then apply what I have learned back to my full-time career. Every course has provided tangible lessons that will challenge your comfortability as a leader and reward you with a renewed vision of a future in business. The curriculum is elevating, the professors are professional, and the relationships are personal.”

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Anita Patel portrait

Anita Patel

  • Degree: Fully Employed (Part-Time) MBA with a concentration in Finance 
  • Graduation date: December 2021
  • Hometown: Ventura, CA
  • Graziadio experience: "My experience at the Graziadio Business School has been extraordinary. The professors make it a point to be approachable and hands-on with your learning experience, while our advisors have been guideposts and remain accessible. I feel confident that Graziadio will prepare me to come out of the MBA program as a well informed and well prepared MBA graduate."

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Roxanne Rothafel portrait

Roxanne Rothafel

  • Degree: Fully Employed (Part-Time) MBA General Management
  • Graduation date: December 2021
  • Hometown: Orange, CA
  • Graziadio experience: "One mock class at Pepperdine ended my search for the right MBA program and introduced me to the Graziadio FEMBA program and it's accompanying learning opportunities. On a beautiful SoCal morning, I was introduced to a high energy marketing professor, and several like minded individuals who shared my same curiosity and passion for learning. In the following weeks, starting my journey with Graziadio, I met the most incredible group of people who shared their life stories, their futures and their quests to continue their education. I could not imagine a more amazing cohort to work alongside and look forward to meeting many more learners along the way."

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Sean Anthony Singleton portrait

Sean Anthony Singleton

  • Degree: Bachelor of Science in Management 
  • Graduation date: December 2021
  • Hometown: Chicago, IL
  • Graziadio experience: “My experience at Pepperdine has been unbelievably rewarding and fulfilling. Yes, it's challenging and competitive, but I quickly realized how manageable the course material was. I was able to balance work, Pepperdine, and still have a social life.”

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Daniela Smith portrait

Daniela Smith

  • Degree: Fully Employed (Part-Time) MBA, concentration in Marketing 
  • Graduation date: December 2021
  • Hometown: Born and raised in Munich, Germany; Currently a resident of Orange County, CA.
  • Graziadio experience:  The Pepperdine Fully Employed MBA program is a better experience than I could have imagined. The classes are transformational, and the professors are a fantastic resource and are truly world-class. Every professor I have met has treated me with individualized attention and has gone out of his or her way to help me succeed. Pepperdine is also a fantastic place to forge inspiring friendships with fellow students.

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Eric Sunner portrait

Eric Sunner

  • Degree: Fully Employed (Part-Time MBA) with a concentration in Digital Innovation & Information Systems
  • Graduation date: December 2021
  • Hometown: Clovis, CA
  • Graziadio experience: "My time at Pepperdine Graziadio has been immaculate. Looking back on my decision to join Pepperdine Graziadio, it is now perfectly clear to me that I made the best decision for my professional and personal career. The professors that have taught me in the FEMBA program are world class and they actually care about their students. Graziadio is the perfect place to forge future friendships with like minded students and to expand your network within the Southern California community."

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Kimberly Wilson portrait

Kimberly Wilson

  • Degree: Full-Time MBA
  • Graduation Date: April 2022
  • Hometown: Calabasas, California
  • Graziadio experience: “When I think of Pepperdine, I think of an accessible, tight-knit community. With Pepperdine's intimate class sizes, you have the opportunity to build meaningful relationships and to get personalized attention. Since the day I announced I'd be pursuing an MBA at Pepperdine, I've felt at home. What I love most about the Graziadio community is that its members are there to offer support before you even know to ask for it. Additionally, I love that Pepperdine is committed to providing an impressionable experience both inside and outside of the classroom. I am grateful that on any given week, Pepperdine offers me the opportunity to participate in case competitions, attend company informational sessions, engage in lunch chats with alumni, or hear prominent executives speak. If you're interested in learning more about the Graziadio experience, please don't hesitate to get in touch!”

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Go the Extra Mile: Become a Student Ambassador

Being a student ambassador is a deeply rewarding opportunity both on a personal level and also in terms of your career prospects after leaving Pepperdine. As a student ambassador, you have the opportunity to get involved with many different types of work allowing you to develop skills you already have as well as gain new ones. If you're interesting in becoming an ambassador, please contact us to learn more.