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Terms and Conditions

By accepting a financial aid package offered by the Graziadio Business School, the student agrees to comply with the terms listed under the Terms & Conditions, acknowledging that you the student:

  1. Have reviewed the offered awards on the View Financial Aid page in WaveNet.
  2. Understand that any changes to the information provided on my FAFSA may result in a revision of my financial aid awards. If changes are made to FAFSA's information (which may change my eligibility) even after receiving my financial aid, I may be required to pay back part or all of the funds received.
  3. Authorize the Graziadio Business School to receive my loan proceeds via EFT.
  4. Authorize the Graziadio Business School to use Federal (Title IV) funds to cover institutional charges.
    • Understand that the full amount of these funds will be applied to my student account.
  5. Will report to the Financial Aid Office any expected outside scholarship(s).
  6. Understand that all offered loan amounts are estimated, may require a separate application, and may be adjusted due to changes in enrollment status, verification of income, or additions of other types of aid.
    • Understand that the Federal Graduate PLUS and alternative loans are based on credit and are subject to approval by the lending institution.
    • Understand that loan fees may be deducted from the loan proceeds prior to disbursement of the loan.
    • Understand that I should follow-up regarding the approval and/or denial status of my loan(s).
    • Understand that the Graziadio School is not responsible for my adverse credit.
  7. Understand that a portion of my Graziadio School scholarship may be replaced with a different institutional scholarship award.
    • Agree to participate in the stewardship thank-you letter project to express my gratitude to the donor(s) for his/her generosity or my scholarship(s) will be rescinded.
  8. Understand that any scholarship or grant assistance received in excess of tuition and fees may be subject to Federal taxation.
  9. Understand that financial aid funds provided may not exceed the cost of attendance.
  10. Understand that to be eligible to receive financial aid I must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) as described in the school catalog by a) successfully completing at least 67% of attempted units on a cumulative basis, b) completing the program within 150% of the normal program length, and c) meeting the minimum of the required GPA. Failure to meet any of the SAP requirements results in placement on Academic Warning for the following trimester and may lead to termination of financial aid for the future trimesters.
  11. Understand that withdrawing from the school prior to completing the trimester may reduce my financial aid eligibility.
    • Understand that all unearned financial aid funds will be returned and might result in unpaid school charges.
    • Agree to pay any unpaid charges that may accrue as a result of the financial aid refund calculation.
  12. Authorize the Graziadio Business School to credit my student account with a post-withdrawal disbursement(s) for charges other than current trimester tuition including minor prior year charges.
  13. Understand that I may choose to cancel loans within 14 days after receipt of the notice that my student account was credited by student loans or the first day of class, whichever is later.
    • Understand that I can request a loan adjustment or cancellation, in writing, by emailing to the Financial Aid Office at PGBSFinancialAid@pepperdine.edu.
  14. Understand that this authorization of the above conditions listed in this authorization can be rescinded or changed at any time during my period of enrollment.
  15. Understand that the Graziadio Business School uses electronic means for various financial aid transactions (online financial aid applications and forms, missing information requests, award notifications, award adjustment requests and other transactions between the school and students).
    • Understand there is an option to conduct these transactions in non-electronic form, which may delay the processing of my application.
    • Understand that to receive these transactions in a non-electronic format, I should contact the Financial Aid Office.
    • Understand that to conduct these transactions in an electronic format, access to the Internet, Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher, and Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.00 or higher is needed.

If you are a student of the Graziadio Business School, you have been assigned an email address ending with @pepperdine.edu. All critical information regarding your financial aid application status will be sent to your Pepperdine e-mail address ONLY.

To follow up on the status of your Graziadio Business School Application for Financial Aid, contact the Financial Aid Office at 310.568.5530 or email us at PGBSFinancialAid@pepperdine.edu.