Graziadio Hallmarks: Entrepreneurial

Pepperdine - Ranked 9th Most Entrepreneurial by Forbes


Encouraging New Ideas

Ranked by Forbes as one of America's Most Entrepreneurial Universities in 2015, Pepperdine fosters a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship among its students, whether they are running their own businesses or working in a corporate setting. 

The Graziadio Business School's entrepreneurial heritage is exemplified by two successful entrepreneurs: our benefactor, George Graziadio, founder of Imperial Bank; and the University founder, George Pepperdine, a pioneer in the automotive industry.

More about our Founder and Benefactor

Degrees for Entrepreneurs

The entrepreneurship programs at Pepperdine guide students in how to launch a company starting from the spark of an idea. These classes are designed to help you tap into your creativity and translate your vision into a real business that not only produces wealth, but also allows you to express your passion and values.

Students may choose from two degree options that focus on entrepreneurship:

Business Plan Competition

Student teams bring their new business ideas to face off before a panel of entrepreneurs and venture capitalists in the school's annual Business Plan Competition. Students compete for cash prizes that can be used to fund the launch of a new business. In addition, the Socially Minded Entrepreneur Award is bestowed to the team whose plan best embodies the theme of social responsibility in business.

LAUNCH! Magazine

LAUNCH! Magazine

LAUNCH! is both a website and entrepreneur-zine published six times yearly. Each issue brings you face-to-face with students and graduates on a personal journey to succeed at business ownership. In many instances their startup ventures are a direct result of the regiment of Pepperdine MBA entrepreneurship courses they took. For good measure, LAUNCH! sources business community advice and expert perspective to ignite your own do-it-yourself start-up passions.