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Clubs and Organizations

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Our student body is actively involved in a number of clubs and activities outside the classroom. This involvement enhances the overall learning experience and encourages the collaborative spirit fostered at the Graziadio School.

For more information about student club involvement and leadership opportunities, please email Student Engagement and Success at pgbs.ses@pepperdine.edu.

Student Clubs

  MBA Arts Club

Purpose: We are a club that meets to learn about new artists, go on field trips to explore arts in the city, listen to guest speakers, and to dabble in some studio work ourselves.

Connect With Us: For more information or to join this club, visit the MBA Arts Club on The Peppervine.  

Officers: President, Lois Park, Vice President, Tanner Cusumano, Treasurer, Hanna Alhassen

Faculty AdvisorDr. Abraham Park,  Associate Dean of Full-Time Programs and Associate Professor of Finance

  Graziadio Christian Business Society

Purpose: The Graziadio Christian Business Society ("GCBS") is a faith-based organization with the goal of cultivating a Christ-centered community that supports and equips leaders to follow Jesus in the business world. The GCBS is inclusive to anyone interested and consists of current students, alumni, faculty of the Pepperdine Graziadio Business School. The GCBS is led by its student officers, and Dr. Robert Woodcock, the Spiritual Life Officer.

Connect With Us: For more information or to join, visit the Graziadio Christian Business Society on The Peppervine.

Officers: PresidentTyler Kleinert, Vice President, Ambrosia Chen, Treasurer, Patrick Fuhrman

Staff AdvisorDr. Robert Woodcock, Spiritual Life Officer

  Graziadio Women's Business Association

Purpose: The Graziadio Women's Business Association (GWBA) is a Pepperdine Graziadio Business School professional club that actively cultivates Best for the World Leaders by supporting, challenging, and empowering women to thrive in the business world. By engaging the community through innovative initiatives and thoughtful programming, the Women's Business Association promotes meaningful connections, diversity, and gender equity.

Connect With Us: For more information or to join this club, visit the Graziadio Women's Business Association on The Peppervine. 

Officers: President, Katherine Harrison, Vice President, Charlotte Hayward, Treasurer, Makenzie Jordan

Staff Advisor: Diane Singel, Executive Director, Career and Professional Development

  Asian Business Club

Purpose: The purpose of the Asian Business Club is to build a bridge for students and alumni who are interested in Asian-related business and to network, collaborate, and share resources. All students are welcome to join.

Connect With Us: For more information or to join this club, visit the Asian Business Club on The Peppervine. 

Officers: President, Tiantian Chao, Vice President, Gianni Breuer, Treasurer, Ambrosia Chen

Staff AdvisorJonathan Koegler, Senior Coach, Career and Professional Development

  Pepperdine Real Estate Association

Purpose: We are a dynamic and diverse association, passionate about developing our real estate expertise through academic achievement and impactful relationships within the Pepperdine & Global Real Estate communities. Our goal is to establish a solid foundation for the MS in Real Estate program through communication, respect and support. We are the voice of our program, for our program.

Connect With Us: For more information or to join, visit the Pepperdine Real Estate Association on The Peppervine. 

Officers: President, Anna Herrin, Vice President, Erick Ortiz Banuelos, Treasurer, Scott Barber

Faculty AdvisorDr. Donn Dongshim Kim, Assistant Professor of Finance and Real Estate

  Net Impact

Purpose: Net Impact is a global leadership organization committed to nurturing an extensive and influential network of current and future business visionaries who believe in making a profit while affecting a positive social and environmental change. Pepperdine Net Impact Chapter aims to create an added competitive advantage for the students by providing practical tools and knowledge on how to maximize positive business impact. It is a platform for business innovation and unique networking opportunities. Pepperdine Net Impact Chapter hosts renowned speakers, hands-on workshops, networking events, company tours and provides an opportunity to attend the annual National Net Impact Conference. Chapter members closely collaborate with Pepperdine's Certificate in Socially, Environmentally, and Ethically Responsible (SEER) Business Strategy, a nationally renowned program for its robust curriculum and the annual SEER Symposium featuring industry leaders and other executive level speakers.

Connect With Us: For more information or to join, visit Pepperdine Net Impact on The Peppervine. For more information on Net Impact Central and to see all the benefits of becoming a member, check out www.netimpact.org.

Officers: President, Jennifer Johnson, Vice President, Nadine Tapia-Ahearn, Treasurer, Pushpinder Pabla

Faculty AdvisorRobert Bikel, Director of the SEER Program


Purpose: At Peppermasters we are focused on developing the networking, leadership, and other professional skills of our members to provide them an edge in today's business environment and a network of professionals with which to succeed. We hold a variety of events throughout the year, from management and etiquette workshops to full-blown catered speaking events with standing room only.

As one of the largest and most active clubs at Graziadio, we have a wide range of official positions that help shape and grow the club, give valuable organizational and leadership experience, and provide a powerful descriptor to add to your resume and LinkedIn page. In addition, Officers receive name badges and access to exclusive events where attendance is limited, such as executive lunches and meetings of the All Cities Network.

Membership is free, though a dedication to self-improvement and a fun-loving spirit are required.

The Club meets every other week which all members are encouraged to attend, while on off-weeks we have an Officers meeting to help plan the regular meetings and broader Peppermasters events. Within reason, Officers are expected to attend all meetings.

If you are interested in joining Peppermasters please contact us or drop by one of our meetings.

Connect With Us: For more information or to join, visit Peppermasters on The Peppervine.

Website LinkedIn Instagram

Officers: President, Matthew Pryatel, Vice President, Jeongmin Kim, Treasurer, Zhensui Shi

Staff AdvisorSean Kumar, Coach, Career and Professional Development

  Entertainment, Media, and Sports Society

Purpose: An organization for students who are interested in pursuing a career in the Entertainment, Media, and Sports industries. Participate in monthly meetings, listen to guest speakers, collaborate with fellow students, and network with industry insiders.

Connect With Us: For more information or to join, visit the Pepperdine Entertainment, Media, and Sports Society on The Peppervine.

Officers: Co-President, Andrew Lee, Co-President, Colton Reisfelt, Vice President, Amanda Callahan, Treasurer, Penfield Binet

Faculty AdvisorDr. John Mooney, Associate Professor, Information Systems and Technology Management

  Marketing Club

Purpose: The Marketing Club celebrates our members' passion for marketing and prepares them to excel in their chosen career paths by providing opportunities for professional development, career exploration, and networking within the Marketing community across all industries.

Connect With Us: For more information or to join, visit The Marketing Club on The Peppervine.

Officers: Co-President, Joelle Rosek, Co-President, Lauren Dunn, Vice President, Ali Cheek, Treasurer, Hiren Patel

Staff AdvisorKaren Weiss, Director, Employer & External Engagement

  Graziadio Veteran's Club

Purpose: The Purpose of the Graziadio Veteran's Business Club is to improve the quality of the lives of its members. The club is open to all Pepperdine students.

Connect With Us: For more information or to join, visit the Graziadio Veteran's Club on The Peppervine.

Officers: President, Levon Parseghian, Vice President, Andrew Hoffman, Treasurer, Owen Keville

Staff AdvisorKenneth Murphy, Director, Career and Professional Development

  Finance Club

Purpose: The Finance Club will connect students to organizations and individuals within the various fields of finance. This club desires to allow students to better network, obtain knowledge on fields outside of the immediate and direct courses of Finance provided by Pepperdine University, but also to encourage leadership and personal development.

Connect With Us: For more information or to join, visit The Finance Club on The Peppervine.

Officers: President, Jingjing Li, Vice President, Kirti Yelamanchili, Treasurer, Pushpinder Pabla, Secretary, Matthew Hoisch

Staff AdvisorSean Kumar, Coach, Career and Professional Development

  Outdoor Club

Purpose: The purpose of this organization shall be to introduce a variety of outdoor skiing, hiking, mountain biking, sailing and a variety of other outdoor activities in the interest of introducing Pepperdine students to nature and making them more well-rounded students. This club will aim to instill better leadership qualities in all of our students through education and exposure to a variety of challenging and exhilarating outdoor sports.

Connect With Us: For more information or to join, visit The Outdoor Club on The Peppervine.

Officers: President, Joseph Kagan, Vice President, Erick Ortiz Banuelos, Treasurer, Anna Herrin

Staff AdvisorDr. Robert Woodcock, Spiritual Life Officer


Student Organizations

  Student Life Council

Purpose: The Student Life Council (SLC) is an advisory body that provides a representative student voice on matters involving the full-time student experience outside the classroom, including allocation of the Pepperdine Graziadio Business School (PGBS) Student Activity Fee and the development and implementation of student-focused programs, initiatives, and services.

As stakeholders in their graduate student experience, SLC members develop a significant level of expertise and insight into the administration of PGBS co-curricular programs, processes, and services, and advise PGBS staff and administrators on matters that directly impact the current and future student experience. 

SLC members are selected by Student Engagement and Success staff based on a recommendation and application process. 

Connect with Us: For more information or to apply for membership, visit the Student Life Council on The Peppervine. 

Council Members

Daniel Soto, Full-Time MBA

Cameron Ward, Full-Time MBA

Cecilia Ding, MS in Business Analytics

Alexandra Kleshchukova, MS in Global Business

Ex-Officio Council Members:

Fiona Tang, Fully-Employed MBA

Ethan Grabel, BS/MBA

Staff Advisors: 

Genesis DeLong, Director, Student Engagement and Success

Jessica Rubalcava, Assistant Director, Student Engagement and Success

Apply Today: Student Engagement and Success accepts applications for the SLC on a rolling basis and considers members based on qualifications and availability. Students from all programs are welcome to apply.  To be considered for SLC membership, please submit the online application.

  Career Advisory Board

Purpose: The Graziadio Career Advisory Board provides a student perspective on Graziadio Business School Career and Professional Development events and initiatives. Student members are selected by Career and Professional Development staff based on a recommendation and application process.

Connect with Us: For more information or to apply for membership, visit the Career Advisory Board on The Peppervine. 

  Graziadio Student Ambassadors

Purpose: The Graziadio Student Ambassadors (GSA) is an association that provides a student voice on matters involving any prospective student activity or experience. As participants in the graduate student body experience, members develop a significant level of expertise and insight into the administration of Pepperdine Graziadio Business School (PGBS) co-curricular programs, processes, and services, and advise PGBS staff and administrators on matters that directly impact the student recruitment process.

GSA members are selected by Enrollment Engagement staff based on a recommendation and application process.

Connect With Us: For more information or to apply for membership, visit Graziadio Student Ambassadors on The Peppervine. 

  Emerging Leaders

Purpose: The Emerging Leaders mentorship program is a student-based initiative designed to enhance the overall Pepperdine experience for full-time Graziadio School students. These individuals, who are carefully selected by faculty, work closely with the student recruitment staff and faculty to develop programs and activities designed to assist you, the new students, as you transition into this MBA program. The mentors consist of a number of student club officers (listed below). We are here to assist you with anything from academics (concentrations, workloads) to getting around in L.A. and introducing you to all that the Graziadio Business School has to offer.

Emerging Leaders are selected by Career and Professional Development staff based on a recommendation and application process.

Connect With Us: For more information, visit Emerging Leaders on The Peppervine. 

Please note: The Emerging Leaders are intended to guide and advise students about the graduate school experience, and should not be considered a source for official University information.

Meet Your 2019-2020 Mentors 

TianTian Chao

Tiantian Chao


Tiantian Chao was born and raised in Shanghai, China. She graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor's degree in Marketing and Finance. After graduating, she started her career at Ogilvy and Mather where she helped brands to develop strategic planning and advertising campaigns. After that, she joined the corporate side as a Marketing Specialist and led a global brand's entrance into the Chinese market. Her MBA concentration is in Business Analytics.

Marvin Duddek

Marvin Duddek


Marvin is an MBA Candidate. Born in Germany, he received his Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from the University of Applied Sciences South Westphalia where he also participated in an apprenticeship program at Siemens. Marvin was ranked among the best IT consultant apprentices in Germany and received a 3-year talent development scholarship from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Prior to enrolling at Pepperdine, he worked as an IT Consultant for Atos SE, conducting strategy workshops for large German-based customers.

Gordon Gibson

Gordon Gibson 


Gordon is from Charleston, South Carolina where he was born and raised as a future Tiger from Clemson University. He graduated with a Marketing Major and a Minor in Communication Studies. He moved a couple of times to experience the lifestyles of different cities and then decided it was time to make a career change into Entertainment. This brought him to Pepperdine, since the Los Angeles area is an amazing market to be in for the industry. He loves snowboarding and just about anything that has to do with Entertainment. 

Quincy Henry

Quincy Henry


Quincy was born in Guyana, West Indies and grew up in Brooklyn, New York. He completed undergraduate studies at Binghamton University with a concentration in Finance. He then went on to work in financial services in New York and New Jersey before making the move out to Malibu. He is currently pursuing a career in technology and entertainment. His interests include traveling, playing and watching team sports, hiking, eating, and watching a good movie.

Matthew Hoisch

Matthew Hoisch


Matthew Hoisch is a second-year MBA Candidate, focusing on Business Analytics and Finance. Prior to attending Pepperdine, he graduated from the University of California, Davis studying Economics and minoring in English. Matthew worked at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management as a Financial Analyst and Investments Intern throughout his undergraduate career, authoring multiple investment reports and assisting with the acquisition and creation of new accounts. This past summer, he worked at the Bank of America Headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina in the Product and Strategy Division for Small Business.

Parris Jacobs

Parris Jacobs


Parris is a second-year MBA Candidate with a dual concentration in Finance and Business Analytics. Currently, she is the President of the Finance Club. She worked for attorneys, athletes, and high net worth families as a personal assistant prior to attending Pepperdine Graziadio Business School. Her final position held was an assistant for Charles Schwab in the greater San Francisco area. Over the summer she was an Intern for Bank of America. She is now working towards a career in investment banking upon graduation.

Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer Johnson


Jennifer is currently earning her MBA in Entrepreneurship and a SEER Certificate. She is additionally earning her Dispute Resolution Certificate from the Pepperdine Caruso School of Law. She is the current President of Net Impact and is committed to making a difference in the world. Jennifer has experience in the areas of leadership, communications, marketing, and customer service. She is passionate about promoting women's health, ending PMS, and empowering girls from an early age to shape their own lives. 

Jeongmin Kim

Jeongmin Kim


Jeongmin Kim is a full-time MBA student. He is concentrating in Business Analytics, Dispute Resolution, and SEER Certification. Jeongmin has 15 years of experience working as an IT manager and engineer in the aviation and manufacturing industry. He received his Bachelor of Science undergraduate degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Hanyang University, Korea. He enjoys solving problems with a cooperative and creative approach. 

Tyler Kleinert

Tyler Kleinert


Tyler is an MBA Candidate with a dual concentration in Finance and Entrepreneurship. Before Pepperdine, Tyler graduated from Southern Methodist University and began his career developing early-stage businesses in food and beverage, and as a real estate project analyst at Hunt Consolidated. Since enrolling at Pepperdine, he has gained venture capital and private equity experience working for SueƱo Growth Partners and Bryant Stibel.

James Lowestein

James Lowenstein 


James (Jake) is a second-year MBA Candidate. Upon graduating from Chapman University with a Bachelor's degree in Economics, Jake worked in the commercial finance sector for two years. He then took 10 months off of work before starting Pepperdine to travel throughout South America and South East Asia. He spent the past summer as an MBA intern for Bank of America at their corporate headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina.


Matthew Pryatel

Matthew Pryatel


After 15 years in the grocery business, Matthew chose Pepperdine to pursue his passion for strategy and process design full-time. Having had his perspective transformed by his Graziadio experience and the tutelage of many fine professors, administrators, and alumni, he broadened his aspirations to include process innovation and change management. He is a zealous advocate for the power of teamwork and addressing the quandary of how to be human in the age of super-intelligent technology. He is currently a strategic sourcing intern at Farmers Insurance and will be graduating in 2020 with a triple concentration in Business Analytics, Digital Innovation & Information Systems, and Dispute Resolution with SEER certification. He is also a Graduate Assistant for Drs. John Mooney and Nelson Granados researching blockchain technology, is the President of the Peppermasters networking club, and is engaged to be married next spring to his fiance, Krystal.

Joelle Rozek

Joelle Rozek


Joelle is a second-year MBA Candidate and recently finished an internship at Axon in the consumer sector focusing on marketing and product. Joelle brings five years of marketing and business development experience, with an emphasis in consumer and client relations. Prior to becoming a full-time MBA student, she served as a Director of Marketing and Communications in a technology startup located in Downtown Los Angeles. She is a graduate of Arizona State University with a degree in English Literature. 

Arthur Steingart

Arthur Steingart 


Arthur Steingart is an MBA candidate, focusing on both Analytics and Finance. Prior to being accepted into the Graziadio program, Arthur developed a startup focused on the Internet of Things solutions. Utilizing his past experiences leverages a unique perspective to classroom application - he's always trying to find a solution. Whether it's a simple problem or a complex one, he enjoys making people's lives simpler. As an avid cyclist always training for the next race, endurance and strategy are two characteristics he continues to hone and exercise. Feel free to ask him anything; he's always available.