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Students applying for graduate business degrees online

What Not to Do When Choosing a Master's Program

Learn about a few often-made mistakes when choosing a post-graduate program and how to avoid them at Pepperdine.edu now.

Financial analysts at computer

How Much Can You Make with a Master of Finance?

Interested in pursuing a master’s degree in finance? Learn how much you can expect to make in a variety of finance jobs at Pepperdine.edu now.

Man meditating by a lake and mountains

Self-care Sundays: A Self-care Series Guide

Most can agree that after a long week, decompressing from the hectic demands of life is vital for maintaining optimal mental and physical health.

Business student wearing a face mask during the pandemic

Turning Turmoil Into Opportunity: Making the Most of the Pandemic

Now is the time to consider your schooling options and take advantage of the incentives colleges offer to students looking to earn an education.

Online student working in a classroom

An On-Ground vs. Online MBA: What's Better for You?

Let's look at key differences between the two MBAs, what to consider when choosing, and how to get the most out of your MBA experience.

Human Resources professional in a meeting

What Can You Do with a Master's in Human Resources Degree?

Discover a variety of career options you can pursue (including average salaries for each) after studying Human Resources at Pepperdine.edu now.

Mini MBA students at the Malibu Pier outside studying together

What is a Mini MBA? Is it Right for Me?

Learn what a “Mini Master of Business Administration” degree is, plus if pursuing one is right for your career goals at Pepperdine.edu now.