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Meet the Recruitment Team


Karen Jackson portrait

Karen Jackson
Executive Director of Recruitment

o: 310.568.5731

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Kandace Phyall portrait

Kandace Phyall
Director of Recruitment Operations and Partnerships

o: 310.568.5637

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Deborah Quigley portrait

Deborah Quigley
Part-Time Programs Director

o: 310.568.5695

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Fully Employed Programs

Marc Friedlander potrait

Marc Friedlander
Recruitment Advisor, Part-Time MBA
In-Person and Hybrid (A-D)

o: 949.223.2540
c: 949.329.8517

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Dosha Bautista Recruitment Advisor, Part-Time MBA

Dosha Bautista
Recruitment Advisor, Part-Time MBA
In-Person and Hybrid (E-K)

o: 310.568.5695
c: 310.568.2363

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Alejandra Jimenez portrait

Alejandra Jimenez
Recruitment Advisor, Part-Time MBA
In-Person and Hybrid (L-Q)

o: 310.568.2385
c: 323.609.8814

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Bethany Eyre potrait

Bethany Eyre
Recruitment Advisor, Part-Time MBA
In-Person and Hybrid (R-Z)

o: 818.702.1335
c: 323.487.1826

Meet with Bethany
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Hannah Majuelo

Hannah Majuelo
Assistant Director, BSM On-ground and Online (A-K)

o: 818.501.1621
c: 818.570.2564

Meet with Hannah
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Jose Lozano

Jose Lozano
Recruitment Advisor, BSM On-ground and Online (L-Z)

o: 310.568.5714
c: 818.732.0407

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Sana Abbasi portrait

Sana Abbasi
Recruitment Advisor, BSM On-ground and Online (R-Z)

o: 310.568.5571
c: 424.345.7902

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Gema Alvarez portrait

Gema Alvarez
Coordinator, Recruitment and Advising
Part-Time Programs

o: 310.568.5579
c: 213.392.9517

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Full-Time Programs

Peng Guo

Peng Guo
International Recruitment Advisor, MSBA (N-Z), MSGB (D-Z)

o: 310.506.7607
c: 573.200.2539

Meet with Peng
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Samantha Hurado portrait

Samantha Hurado
Recruitment Advisor and Project Manager, FTMBA (A-Z), MSB (A-Z), MSRE (A-Z)

o: 310.506.4863
c: 747.254.0455

Meet with Samantha
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Linda Lenaghan portrait

Linda Lenaghan
Assistant Director of Recruitment for Full-Time Programs

o: 310.506.4217
c: 310.880.9769

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Zoe Ringuet

Zoe Ringuet
Coordinator, Recruitment and Advising
Full-Time Programs

o: 310.506.4833
c: 213.576.9877

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Minette Lizarraga

Minette Lizarraga
Recruitment Advisor, MSB (A-Z)

o: 310.506.4260
c: 619.721.6528

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John Lewis

John Lewis
Recruitment Advisor, FTMBA, IMBA (A-Z)

o: 310.506.7375
c: 310.487.1576

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Executive Programs

Pearl Quintana portrait

Pearl Quintana
Associate Director of Recruitment, PKE (A-Z) Executive MBA (M-Z)

o: 310.568.5734
c: 323.901.3109

Meet with Pearl
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Wan Song potrait

Wan Song
Executive Advisor
Executive MBA (A-L)

o: 310.568.5634

Meet with Wan
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Mike Weaver Senior Advisor potrait

Mike Weaver
Associate Director of Executive Programs and DBA Executive Advisor (A-Z)

o: 310.866.6109

Meet with Mike
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Tiffany Marmolejo

Tiffany Marmolejo
Executive Advisor, MSOD Program

o: 310.568.5759
c: 424.258.4993

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