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2023 Most Fundable Companies

The Winners

Congratulations to the 2023 Pepperdine Graziadio Most Fundable Companies! In our sixth year, more than 3,000 early-stage US startups from across all 50 states vied for a space on the list. All 17 winners are worthy of serious investor consideration based on several company variables including financial projections, market opportunity, intellectual property, competitive advantage, and management-team expertise. Company highlights are included in the event stream replay and in the list winner profiles below.




AGED (Active Genomes Expressed) Diagnostics Corp. logo

platinum trophy icon

AGED (Active Genomes Expressed) Diagnostics Corp.

Industry: Biotechnology
Location: Bethesda, MD
Founders: Rachel Zayas
Website: ageddiagnostics.com
About: AGED Diagnostics is developing the first accurate blood test for fatty liver disease to aid in early detection, intervention, and improved outcomes.


Valqari, LLC logo

platinum trophy icon

Valqari, LLC

Industry: Drone Software Technology
Location: Lombard, IL
Founders: Ryan Walsh
Website: valqari.com
About: Valqari leads the drone delivery revolution with our secure, fully automated, end-to-end solution. Powered by AI-enabled, agnostic software, offering customization and scaling for advanced capabilities.


ViCardia Therapeutics, Inc. logo

platinum trophy icon

ViCardia Therapeutics, Inc.

Industry: Biotechnology
Location: San Francisco, CA
Founders: Michael Kokesh, Dr. Ahvie Herskowitz, Dr. Thilo Bayrhoffer, John Callaghan
Website: vicardia.com
About: ViCardia's GP-531 is a first-in-class treatment for acute heart failure, the cardiovascular epidemic of the 21st century. GP-531 improves healthspan to achieve optimal lifespan.




AllSides Technologies, Inc. logo

gold star icon

AllSides Technologies, Inc.Fan Favorite

Industry: Software Technology
Location: San Francisco, CA
Founders: John Gable, Joan Blades, Scott McDonald
Website: allsides.com
About: AllSides combats a global crisis of credibility by addressing media bias, misinformation, and social divides, reviving news media, schools, workplaces, organizations, and democratic societies worldwide.


Franklin Junction, Inc. logo

gold star icon

Franklin Junction, Inc.

Industry: Software Technology
Location: Atlanta, GA
Founders: Rishi Nigam
Website: franklinjunction.com
About: Franklin Junction is a unified eCommerce technology platform for restaurants that allows them to unlock high-margin incremental revenue in less than 30 days.


Making Space (Zetta, Inc.) logo

gold star icon

Making Space (Making Space Work, Inc.)

Industry: Software Technology
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Founders: Keely Cat-Wells
Website: making-space.com
About: Making Space is a talent acquisition and learning experience platform that offers accessible education, prequalifies talent, and helps companies access underrepresented talent with data-driven profiles.


NuvOx Pharma, LLC logo

gold star icon

NuvOx Pharma, LLC

Industry: Biotechnology
Location: Tucson, AZ
Founders: Evan Unger, Jennifer Johnson
Website: nuvoxpharma.com
About: Hypoxia, lack of oxygen, causes death and morbidity. Following simple IV injection, NanO2TM safely restores oxygen levels. NuvOx Pharma has advanced clinical trials leveraging non-dilutive funding.


SeeMedX, Inc. logo

gold star icon

SeeMedX, Inc.

Industry: Medical Technology
Location: Sacramento, CA
Founders: Deborah Simpson, Dr. Kevin Ferguson, Dr. Marc O'Griofa
Website: seemedx.com
About: SeeMedX's technology can detect heart failure 72 hours in advance. We replace dangerous and expensive surgeries with a safe five-minute noninvasive scan.




Alyve Medical, Inc. logo

silver star icon

Alyve Medical, Inc.

Industry: Biotechnology
Location: Denver, CO
Founders: Yvonne Bokelman, Matteo Mantovani, John Winslow
Website: alyvemedical.com
About: Alyve Medical's pioneering technologies are transforming musculoskeletal care and rehabilitation using advanced sensors, proprietary algorithms, and biofeedback, revolutionizing treatment for optimal motion and outcomes.


Data Safeguard, Inc. logo

silver star icon

Data Safeguard, Inc.Fan Favorite

Industry: Software Technology
Location: Santa Clara, CA
Founders: Sudhir Sahu
Website: datasafeguard.ai
About: Data Safeguard helps enterprises meet data privacy compliance and prevent synthetic fraud financial losses.


iCover, LLC logo

silver star icon

iCover, LLC

Industry: Software Technology
Location: Chesterfield, MO
Founders: Hari Srinivasan, Nicole Mwesigwa
Website: icoverinsure.com
About: iCover has created the best life insurance buying experience by designing the fastest e-app in the market powered by AI and algorithmic underwriting.


Ready. Set. Food! (Prollergy Corp.) logo

silver star icon

Ready. Set. Food! (Prollergy Corp.)

Industry: Consumer Products
Location: Sherman Oaks, CA
Founders: Daniel Zakowski, Katie Marks-Cogan, Andrew Leitner
Website: readysetfood.com
About: Ready. Set. Food! has created a patented guided system to make it easy to follow food allergy prevention medical guidelines and give babies the best chance at a life free from food allergies.


RemotelyMe (Aretanium Executive Group, Inc.) logo

silver star icon

RemotelyMe (Aretanium Executive Group, Inc.)

Industry: Software Technology
Location: Chula Vista, CA
Founders: Bill Reed, Steve Doolittle, Tony Stewart
Website: remotelyme.com
About: RemotelyMe solves a $9T workforce problem with generative AI, visual neuroscience, and a ChatGPT LinkedIn app. RemotelyMe has a seasoned team, customers, revenue, and blue-chip CXO board advisors.




Novuson Surgical, Inc. logo

bronze star icon

Novuson Surgical, Inc.

Industry: Biotechnology
Location: Bothell, WA
Founders: Stuart Mitchell
Website: novuson.com
About: Novuson is clearing the way for safer surgeries with the world's first Direct Therapeutic Ultrasound surgical instruments for minimally invasive, robotic, and other surgical specialties.


OneFul Health, Inc. logo

bronze star icon

OneFul Health, Inc.

Industry: Pharmaceuticals
Location: Durham, NC
Founders: Edison Hudson, Danny Barnes
Website: oneful.health
About: OneFul Health's patented robotics make personalized "polypills" combining from three to seven FDA-approved pharmaceuticals into a single capsule or packet matching a doctor’s prescriptions, optimized to your genomics.


Opus Medical Therapies, LLC logo

bronze star icon

Opus Medical Therapies, LLCFan Favorite

Industry: Biotechnology
Location: Smyrna, GA
Founders: Jaime Sarabia, Dr. Vivek Rajagopal, Yen Liao
Website: opus-medical.com
About: Opus Medical Therapies aims to develop a safe, simple, and novel transcatheter mitral and tricuspid valve replacement system.


WedFun, Inc. logo

bronze star icon

WedFun, Inc.

Industry: Media & E-commerce
Location: Manhattan Beach, CA
Founders: Marc Conneely, Patrick Whitfield, Simon Whitington
Website: wedfun.com
About: WedFun is a fashion- and beauty-led wedding planning platform and WedFun streaming channel uniquely combined in the same app by the team that built MTV.




We also learned about some great companies that did not quite make our top 16, who we'd like to highlight as semi-finalists.

  • All Learners Network, Inc.
  • Cargo Chief, Inc.
  • Christmas House USA, Inc.
  • Concha Labs (Concha, Inc.)
  • DeepMedia (A I Anonymous, Inc.)
  • Delta Development Team, Inc.
  • Digital Fire Prevention, Inc.
  • DigitalWill & Trust (CircleIt, Inc.)
  • EMPEQ (Empower Equity, Inc.)
  • Enteligent, Inc.
  • Envio (Smart Skin Health, LLC)
  • Evolectric, Inc.
  • Fathomd, Inc.
  • GiftCrowd (Giftwith, Inc.)
  • Greener Process Systems, Inc.
  • IAMBIC, Inc.
  • Icarus RT, Inc.
  • InnovaRegi, LLC
  • LiVeritas Biosciences, Inc.
  • Merlin Search Technologies, Inc.
  • myBiometry (Biometry, Inc.)
  • National Adhesive (National Adhesive Distributors, Inc.)
  • NextStep Robotics, Inc.
  • Numurus, LLC
  • Open Sesame Media, Inc.
  • Ourco, Inc.
  • Popwhite, Inc.
  • Precient Technologies, LLC
  • PrivacyHawk, Inc.
  • Redline Fire Solutions, LLC
  • RentalEye, Inc.
  • Rif Care (Regenerative International Female, Inc.)
  • S-3 Research, LLC
  • Salus Scientific Corp.
  • SampleServe, Inc.
  • Skyrocket Tech, Inc.
  • Smart Cups, Inc.
  • SOAP Health (Soap, Inc.)
  • Sorting Robotics, Inc.
  • SunRay Scientific, Inc.
  • ValeVPN (Vale, Inc.)
  • Wearable Sensing, LLC
  • WellnessWits, Inc.





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