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Healthcare Symposium Panel Discussion in Marina Del Rey

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The Future of Healthcare Symposium

The Future of Healthcare Symposium, organized annually by the Pepperdine Graziadio Board, brings together influential thinkers and experienced practitioners to discuss the innovations and challenges—be they technological, ethical, or controversial—facing today's ever-evolving healthcare sector.

The 2019 theme, Healthcare Leadership in the AI Revolution: Opportunity in the Smart Machine Age, explores the industry changes that leaders will need to know to navigate the smart machine age and the introduction of artificial intelligence to the healthcare space.



Thank You to Our Symposium Sponsors

Figueroa Family Foundation  •  George and Reva Graziadio Foundation  •  Genoa Healthcare  •  Anda  •  Apria Healthcare  •  Dignity Health  •  Centor  •  MSD  •  MHA  •  Center View Partners

Save the Date: March 21, 2019