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2022 Most Fundable Companies

The Winners

Congratulations to the 2022 Pepperdine Graziadio Most Fundable Companies! In our fifth year, more than 4,000 early-stage US startups from across all 50 states vied for a space on the list. All 16 winners are worthy of serious investor consideration based on several company variables including financial projections, market opportunity, intellectual property, competitive advantage, and management-team expertise. Company highlights are included in the event stream replay and in the list winner profiles below.




EarthGrid, PBC logo

platinum trophy icon

EarthGrid, PBC

Industry: Telecommunications
Location: Richmond, CA
Founders: Troy Helming, Scott Lane
Website: earthgrid.io/
About: EarthGrid invented plasma tunnel-boring robots that work 100x faster and 10x cheaper than competitors to build an underground supergrid for 100% clean energy and other infrastructure.


Genesis Systems, LLC logo

platinum trophy icon

Genesis Systems, LLC Fan Favorite

Industry: Water Systems
Location: Tampa, FL
Founders: Shannon Stuckenberg, David Stuckenberg
Website: genesissystems.global/
About: Genesis Systems is a global leader in nano-liquid technologies. It is solving global water scarcity by solving energy and scale-up barriers to making mass water from air.


One Health Group, Inc. logo

platinum trophy icon

One Health Group, Inc.

Industry: Biotechnology
Location: Cazenovia, NY
Founders: Albert Di Rienzo, Mark Frazer, Jeremey Junnila, Paul Tupin, Michael Stanfield
Website: onehealthgroup.com/
About: A medical innovation company at the intersection of animal and human health, One Health Group's product gathers, analyzes, and displays actionable biomedical data--anywhere, anytime.




Covira Surgical, Inc. logo

gold star icon

Covira Surgical, Inc.

Industry: Biotechnology
Location: Chicago, IL
Founders: Peter Farmakis, Dr. John Alverdy
Website: covirasurgical.com
About: Covira is a biotech company developing drugs that work by modulating the biological activity of the gut microbiome to prevent diseases.


Kneevoice, Inc. logo

gold star icon

Kneevoice, Inc.

Industry: Healthcare Technology
Location: Santa Monica, CA
Founders: Gustavo De Greiff, Felipe Rigby, Dr. Carlos Leal
Website: kneevoice.com
About: Kneevoice created a revolutionary diagnostic system--a noninvasive device that captures and analyzes sounds and vibrations to provide a real-time cartilage damage assessment.


Live Music Streaming Technology, Inc. d/b/a Trubify logo

gold star icon

Live Music Streaming Technology, Inc. d/b/a Trubify

Industry: Software Technology
Location: Coto de Caza, CA
Founders: Stephen Tyszka, Brian Lau, Krystal de Cent
Website: trubify.com
About: Trubify is an award-winning disruptive music streaming platform. Its innovations in monetization for artists and interactive experiences for fans create unique value proposition differentiation.


OmniVis, Inc. logo

gold star icon

OmniVis, Inc.

Industry: Biotechnology
Location: San Francisco, CA
Founders: Katherine Clayton, Lotte Vandewalle, Steven Wereley, Tamara Kinzer-Ursem
Website: omnivistech.com
About: OmniVis is a biotechnology company that developed an integrated platform to transform the speed, accuracy, and economics of pathogen detection, anywhere in the world.




Circle Optics, Inc. logo

silver star icon

Circle Optics, Inc.

Industry: Robotics
Location: Rochester, NY
Founders: Zakariya Niazi
Website: circleoptics.com
About: The creators of Hydra, the world's first truly seamless 360-degree camera, are currently building imaging systems for robotics, aerospace, and immersive media applications.


GravyStack, Inc. logo

silver star icon

GravyStack, Inc. Fan Favorite

Industry: Software Technology
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Founders: Travis Adams, Scott Donnell
Website: gravystack.com
About: GravyStack is the first ever platform that combines engaging gamification with a real bank account where kids game, learn, and earn financial literacy.


Lively Root Technologies, Inc. logo

silver star icon

Lively Root Technologies, Inc.

Industry: Consumer Products
Location: San Diego, CA
Founders: Jon Ewing, Steve Pyle, George Skegas, Jerry Halamuda
Website: livelyroot.com
About: Lively Root is a rapidly growing horticultural lifestyle brand designed to revolutionize the garden center industry and become America’s home garden center of the future.


Nanocan Therapeutics Corp. logo

silver star icon

Nanocan Therapeutics Corp.

Industry: Nanotechnology
Location: Princeton, NJ
Founders: Eric Broyles
Website: nanocan.life
About: Nanocan's NEST is a revolutionary breakthrough in the delivery of immunotherapy. NEST overcomes toxicity challenges via gradual, sustained delivery, precisely to tumor sites, at nanoscale.


Veloce Energy, Inc. logo

silver star icon

Veloce Energy, Inc.

Industry: Renewable Energy
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Founders: Jeff Wolfe, Mark Yates, Randy Palombi, Mike Schenck
Website: veloceenergy.com
About: Veloce's FastGrid hardware and software platform revolutionizes EV charging infrastructure by integrating energy storage and aboveground installation systems, reducing costs and time by 50%.




Bridge Therapeutics, Inc. logo

bronze star icon

Bridge Therapeutics, Inc.

Industry: Biotechnology
Location: Birmingham, AL
Founders: Dr. Greg Sullivan
Website: bridgetherapeutics.com
About: Bridge has therapies to free the treatment of pain from the risk of addiction, saving thousands of lives from drug overdose and disrupting multibillion-dollar markets.


NecoBrands, Inc. d/b/a necoTECH logo

bronze star icon

NecoBrands, Inc. d/b/a necoTECH Fan Favorite

Industry: Renewable Materials
Location: Delaware, OH
Founders: Steve Flaherty
Website: necotechusa.com
About: necoTECH has a collection of technologies that are economical, eco-friendly, provide superior performance, and increase safety for the construction and management of our nation's infrastructure.



bronze star icon


Industry: Consumer Products
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Founders: Jessica Pritchett
Website: oolibeauty.com
About: Made in the US, OOLI is clean, sustainable, plant-based, paraben-free, Leaping Bunny-certified haircare for afro-textured hair that is worn in locs.


VIBE, LLC d/b/a Glo Pals logo

bronze star icon

VIBE, LLC d/b/a Glo Pals

Industry: Consumer Products
Location: Starkville, MS
Founders: Hagan Walker, Anna Barker
Website: glopals.com
About: Glo Pals are a line of light-up sensory toys that aid in the development of fine motor skills and cognitive skills through sensory play.




We also learned about some great companies that did not quite make our top 16, who we'd like to highlight as semi-finalists.

  • AquaTeX Medical Corporation
  • Avisi Technologies, Inc.
  • BeeGraphy Corporation
  • BEMY Cosmetics, Inc.
  • Bevpax Corporation
  • Blind Tiger, LLC d/b/a Blind Tiger Spirit-Free Cocktails
  • Buderflys Technologies, Inc.
  • CHIP (Changing How Individuals Prosper), LLC
  • Chrysallis.AI, Inc.
  • Constructis Group, Inc.
  • Damn Right Cocktails, LLC
  • Databloom AI, Inc.
  • Earthwise Global, Inc.
  • Endeavor Composites, Inc.
  • Eugenie AI, Inc.
  • Freatz, Inc.
  • Fulfill Food & Beverages, LLC
  • Gaize, Inc.
  • Genius Innovation Group, LLC
  • Harmony Turbines Corporation
  • Hercules Electric Marine Corporation
  • HonestDeed, Inc.
  • iatrixAir, Inc.
  • InnoTech Precision Medicine, Inc.
  • Intotoware, Inc.
  • Investii, Inc.
  • IPMD, Inc.
  • Kognition, LLC
  • LiVeritas Biosciences, Inc.
  • LTHR, Inc.
  • Maplewell, Inc.
  • MARS, Inc. d/b/a EasyFlo
  • MassGenie, Inc. d/b/a PowerBuy
  • Medify, Inc.
  • ObjectiveEd, Inc.
  • Ovid BP Systems, Inc.
  • PennyFly Entertainment, LLC
  • Pharma Solutions USA, Inc.
  • Recruiting Analytics, LLC
  • SampleServe, Inc.
  • Sawtooth, LLC
  • SciMar ONE, Inc.
  • ShipCalm, LLC
  • SleepOvation Baby, LLC
  • SmartDrone Corporation
  • Sonogen Medical, Inc.
  • Surety Health, Inc.
  • SynkedUP, LLC
  • Tampa Deep Sea Xplorers, Inc.
  • TruFIT Customs, LLC
  • Tyga Technologies, Inc. d/b/a Sanichek
  • Vacmobile Corporation
  • Veloce Corporation d/b/a SmartTab
  • Vent Creativity Corporation




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