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2021 Most Fundable Companies

The Winners

Congratulations to the 2021 Pepperdine Graziadio Most Fundable Companies! In our fourth year, more than 3,300 early-stage US startups from across all 50 states vied for a space on the list. All 16 winners are worthy of serious investor consideration based on several company variables including financial projections, market opportunity, intellectual property, competitive advantage, and management-team expertise. Company highlights are included in the event stream replay and in the list winner profiles below.




platinum trophy icon

FLX Solutions, Inc.

Industry: Robotics
Location: Bethlehem, PA
Founders: Matthew Bilsky
Website: www.flxsolutions.com
About: FLX Solutions is pioneering functional robotics with FLX BOT, a patented, highly intelligent, human-operated, miniaturized service robot that operates in spaces that humans cannot easily access.


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Gales, Inc.

Industry: Healthcare Products
Location: San Diego, CA
Founders: Rob Gregg
Website: www.weargales.com
About: Gales provides Smart PPE Footwear® for healthcare to better protect against exposure and spread of infectious diseases via antimicrobial, waterproof, easy-to-clean shoes with 24-hour comfort and support.


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PB Analytics, Inc. d/b/a Rixon Technology

Industry: Data Security
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Founders: David Johnson, Justin Hatcher
Website: rixontechnology.com
About: Rixon Technology transforms data through a cloud-native platform, which reduces compliance costs, nullifies impacts of breaches, and gives data owners control of personal data.




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Neowe Research & Development, Inc.

Industry: Healthcare Technology
Location: Doral, FL
Founders: Michelle Marshall
Website: neoweresearch.com
About: Neowe Research & Development is a connected medical device company launching their first product, Ouipan®, a patented smart bedpan intended to reduce healthcare costs and improve patient outcomes.


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SFA Therapeutics, Inc.

Industry: Biotechnology
Location: Jenkintown, PA
Founders: Ira Spector, Mark Feitelson, Alla Arzumanyan
Website: sfatherapeutics.com
About: SFA Therapeutics is a clinical-stage novel immunomodulatory platform creating safe oral drugs to treat psoriasis, liver diseases, and HCC, the most common liver cancer.


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Sips by, LLC

Industry: Food & Beverage
Location: Austin, TX
Founders: Staci Brinkman, Øivind Loe
Website: www.sipsby.com
About: Sips by makes discovering great tea fun, personalized, and affordable via the only multi-brand, personalized, monthly tea subscription service, the Sips by Box.




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Amplified Sciences, Inc. Fan Favorite

Industry: Biotechnology
Location: West Lafayette, IN
Founders: Diana Caldwell, V. Jo Davisson, Mark Cisneros
Website: amplifiedsciences.com
About: Amplified Sciences is developing a portfolio of diagnostic assays for early detection of disease. The lead assay in development targets early detection of undiagnosed pancreatic cancers.


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Arx Nimbus, LLC

Industry: Data Security
Location: Chicago, IL
Founders: R. David Moon
Website: www.arxnimbus.com
About: Arx Nimbus' Thrivaca risk analytics platform produces detailed valuations of digital risk, and the top sources of current carrying cost, for enterprises, underwriters and brokers.


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Blue Frontier, LLC

Industry: Energy
Location: Parkland, FL
Founders: Daniel Betts, Gregory Tropsa, Matthew Tilghman, Matthew Graham
Website: https://www.linkedin.com/company/blue-frontier-ac/
About: Blue Frontier has reinvented air conditioning with patented technology that consumes 90% less energy and eliminates peak electricity demand using a thermal battery. Their ACs are deployed as virtual powerplants under a HaaS model.


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Event Cadence, Inc.

Industry: Software Technology
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Founders: Michael Buckley, Alexander Ryzhanskiy, Vitaliy Pavlishin, Joseph Patalano
Website: www.eventcadence.com
About: Cadence is a SaaS events and modern workplace platform changing the way companies engage with their employees, customers, and communities.


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PillowSheets, Inc. Fan Favorite

Industry: Consumer Products
Location: Atlanta , GA
Founders: Nadia Galloway
Website: www.pillowsheets.com
About: PillowSheets manufacturers award winning patented FDA approved sheets, that integrate a pillow system, eliminates loose bedding, offers total body support and revolutionizes the bedding industry.


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Veriskin, Inc.

Industry: Healthcare Technology
Location: San Diego, CA
Founders: Mirianas Chachisvilis, Carl Edman, Eugene Tu
Website: www.veriskin.com
About: Veriskin is developing a novel method and FDA designated breakthrough device for non-invasive, objective, and low cost skin cancer diagnostics.




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Advanced Image Robotics, Inc.

Industry: Robotics
Location: La Jolla, CA
Founders: Kevin McClave, Nick Nordquist
Website: advancedimagerobotics.com
About: Advanced Image Robotics is a cloud-native video production platform that makes the camera-to-viewer workflow radically less expensive, simpler, and more sophisticated for the $247B OTT livestreaming market.


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Jaxon, Inc.

Industry: Data Analytics
Location: Boston, MA
Founders: Scott Cohen, Greg Harman
Website: jaxon.ai
About: Jaxon is a training data platform minimizing the need for costly manual data labeling used in artificial intelligence machine learning via cutting-edge algorithms and supporting techniques.


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Leben & Cerne Co. d/b/a XrossWorld Fan Favorite

Industry: Software Technology
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Founders: Julio Cerne Chaves, Jascha Rynek
Website: xrossworld.net
About: XrossWorld is SaaS for companies to efficiently and cost-effectively create, launch, and manage full-cycle micro-influencer marketing campaigns on-demand.


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Telebionix, Inc.

Industry: Healthcare Technology
Location: Moorpark, CA
Founders: Widy Medina, Aghiath Chbib
Website: telebionix.com
About: Telebionix is introducing Remosense, a smart medical and biomarker sensing device enabling efficient and effective remote tracking and sharing of health data and telehealth delivery.




We also learned about some great companies that did not quite make our top 16, who we'd like to highlight as semi-finalists.

  • AeonCharge by Laegacy, Inc.
  • AGR Health, LLC
  • Augment Therapeutics, Inc.
  • BarricAid Technology Group
  • Better Family, Inc.
  • CLAIRE Fertility
  • DiaM Life, Inc.
  • Direct Health Delivery
  • DrySee
  • DXCORP Blockchain, Inc.
  • Embr Labs
  • ENGAIZ 3PRX, Inc.
  • evrmore*
  • FireLinks.io
  • First Professional Resources, Inc.
  • FLX Distribution, Inc.
  • Fulfill Food & Beverages d/b/a Karuna Beverages
  • GenoPalate
  • Glimpulse
  • Heirloom Cloud Corporation
  • Help With My Loan, Inc.
  • ILLUSIO, Inc.
  • Isowalk, Inc. d/b/a Motum
  • Jenny's Rose
  • knowRX, Inc.
  • Konecity Technology Corporation
  • Leaf Global Fintech Corporation
  • Life Recovery Systems, LLC
  • LiveFreely, Inc.
  • MassGenie, Inc. d/b/a PowerBuy*
  • Mi Terro
  • MotivateU, Inc.
  • OP:3IT
  • OpenLoop
  • Osazda Energy
  • Panhwar Jet
  • Patientory, Inc.*
  • Safedeploy*
  • Sanichek
  • Shared Spirits, Inc.
  • ShortSave, Inc. d/b/a Botdoc*
  • SmartPM Technologies, Inc.
  • Summerboard, Inc.
  • Surety Health, Inc.
  • Sustainable H2O Technologies
  • Syntr Health Technologies, Inc.
  • TapOnIt
  • Trans Astronautica Corporation
  • Trubify
  • Twin Oaks Water Systems
  • Whitmarsh Research Group
  • Yahyn
  • Zoobean, Inc.


* Denotes finalists




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