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Healthcare Symposium Agenda

March 21, 2019 The Ritz-Carlton, Marina del Rey

8:00 - 8:45 AM  

Registration and Continental Breakfast

8:45 - 8:55 AM

Welcome and Opening Remarks
President Benton and Dean Deryck van Rensburg

8:55 - 10:05 AM

Deep Medicine: How Artificial Intelligence can make Healthcare Human Again
Keynote Speaker: Eric Topol

Medicine has become inhuman, to disastrous effect. The doctor-patient relationship—the heart of medicine—is broken: doctors are too distracted and overwhelmed to truly connect with their patients, and medical errors and misdiagnoses abound. In Deep Medicine, leading physician Eric Topol reveals how artificial intelligence can help.

A.I. has the potential to transform everything doctors do, from notetaking and medical scans to diagnosis and treatment, greatly cutting down the cost of medicine and reducing human mortality. By freeing physicians from the tasks that interfere with human connection, AI will create space for the real healing that takes place between a doctor who can listen and a patient who needs to be heard. Innovative, provocative, and hopeful, deep medicine shows us how the awesome power of A.I. can make medicine better, for all the humans involved.

10:05 - 10:20 AM


10:20 AM - NOON

The Intersection of Smart Technology and the Business of Healthcare
Panel One: Kim Kamdar, Visar Berisha, Belinda Tan, and moderator, Judy Smythe

By bringing to life new business models and proofs of concept, smart technology is generating progressive clinical trials and enhancing patient experiences and outcomes. Visar Berisha of Aural Analytics, Science 37’s Belinda Tan, and venture capitalist Kim Kamdar of Domain Associates examine how smart technology is revolutionizing the healthcare industry.

NOON - 12:50 PM

Networking Lunch

12:50 - 2:00 PM

Brain Science Is Smart Science
Keynote Speaker: Jeff Stibel (PhD '15)

Jeff Stibel introduces us to brain science, "real" intelligence, and how his company, BrainGate, is using AI to advance neuroscience and treat those with neurological disorders. Stibel also offers a practical application of brain science and how to keep your brain healthy in the modern digital age.

2:00 - 2:10 PM


2:10 - 3:50 PM

Applying Smart Tech: Leading the Way
Panel Two: Rajan Merchant, Samuel Seaman, Lisa Watanabe and moderator, Rich Roth

Dr. Rajan Merchant of Dignity Health, Lisa Watanabe of CureMetrix and Pepperdine Graziadio professor Samuel Seaman, examine taking a leadership role in organizational change. Learn how input (data reliability and validity and potentials for bias) designates output from live case studies and understand how ethics and evidence-based decision-making are leading the way in healthcare.

3:50 PM

Closing Remarks
John Figueroa (MBA '97)