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Industry 4.0 Smart Machine Age Event at Novo Los Angeles

Industry 4.0 - The Future of Humanity in the Smart Machine Age

To celebrate 50 years of educating students in the field of business, the Graziadio Business School hosted a full day event to reflect upon the accomplishments of our past and looked at the incredible opportunity we have in our future. The full-day event, held on April 2, 2019 at the Novo Room in Downtown Los Angeles, included a range of speaking engagements including a welcome from our Dean, Deryck van Rensburg, two keynote speeches, two moderated sessions around topics of conversations that are highlighted in our society today, and a thought leadership panel.

Directly following the panel, we held receptions where attendees continued the conversations started by our speakers. Throughout the day we utilized Spigit, a crowdsourcing platform, to engage colleagues from all parts of the world. During this celebration event and our 50th Anniversary year, Spigit, our crowdsourcing platform, will continue to engage students, alumni, executives, faculty, thought leaders, and staff from around the world in a massive virtual environment where we will collect their ideas, concepts, and insights. 

Celebrating 50 Years

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Industry 4.0 Event Highlights

Dean Deryck J. van Rensburg at Industry 4.0 Event

Dalana Brand at Industry 4.0 Event

Steve Wozniak and Salim Ismail at Industry 4.0 Event

Discussion Topics

Women in Leadership

Learn how women are uniquely poised to lead in a new context of partnership between machines and humans.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Listen to an examination of corporate social purpose and the emerging need of leaders and entrepreneurs..

Humans and Machines

Explore the renewed significance of human values and purpose in the Smart Machine Age.