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About The Graziadio Board

Graziadio Board


In 1996, following George Graziadio's stunning endowment of the Graduate Business School at Pepperdine University, the Graziadio Board was created as a vital link to the business world being served by the school. George phoned dozens of long-time friends and business giants in Southern California to serve on the Board, and remarkably they all said yes. It was not only a testament to George Graziadio's stature as a business icon but more importantly the growing prestige of the school.


Much has changed since George Graziadio first asked many of his personal friends to serve on the Board. During the past 20 years, George would be very proud of how the school has progressed – AACSB Accreditation, numerous national and international rankings for excellence, a spectacular Malibu Graduate Campus; the Graziadio Alumni Network with over 43,000 alumni in 77 countries, several important new degree programs, and the Graziadio Alumni Network, a comprehensive career service program, and 15,000 more alumni just to name a few.


The Graziadio Board is a high profile advisory council whose primary objectives are:


To enhance the reputation and recognition of the Graziadio School, its students, alumni, faculty, and friends.


Provide advice and counsel to the Dean on strategic issues, curriculum, degree and non-degree program needs within the business community, career placement opportunities for students and alumni, and research and consulting opportunities for faculty.


Assist the Dean with fund and resource development through advocacy with individuals, corporations, and foundations.


Communicate, endorse and advocate the Pepperdine Graziadio School's interests to external constituencies.