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Near-term Strategic Priorities

Pepperdine Campus Malibu California

ASPIRE 2025 Strategic Vision

In order to achieve the vision we have laid out in ASPIRE 2025, our core strategies are aimed at laying a strong foundation for us to launch from in the years ahead.

The goals and initiatives that follow are intended to support foundation building and bridge us into the future. These are structured around four priority areas: students, faculty, talent and organization, and our ecosystem.

We have identified goals for each of these priority areas:


Build a school of choice for students by delivering a personalized educational experience, providing transformational learning rooted in real-world application, and facilitating career development.


Develop faculty as thought leaders who are committed to applied research, dedicated to innovative teaching, and connected to businesses.

Talent and Organization

Become an employer of choice by aligning our mission along with our talent, galvanizing around the student experience, and leveraging data and technology.


Innovate in our ecosystem to advance thought leadership and develop strategic partnerships and a philanthropic base.

Each of these priority areas will have detailed execution templates to be read in conjunction with ASPIRE 2025. These templates, with their associated goals and initiatives, will be reviewed regularly in line with our priorities.