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Mission, Vision, and Values

Pepperdine Malibu Campus

ASPIRE 2025 Strategic Vision

Business education has existed at Pepperdine University since 1969, developing values centered leaders and advancing responsible business practice through education that is entrepreneurial in spirit, ethical in focus, and global in orientation. While this ambition remains as steady today as during the school's inception, there have been significant changes in the business environment and the education landscape that require our adaptation.

This strategic vision known, as "ASPIRE 2025," maps out the goals, ambitions, and changes for Pepperdine Graziadio Business School (PGBS) to adapt to continue our positive trajectory as a renowned business school. With learning outcomes at the center of our plan, our ability to impact business now and into the future through our applied research, learning experiences, and innovative curriculum is reflected in our priorities and the initiatives that flow from them.


Our Mission

Inspired by our Christian values, we seek to:

Promote transformational learning,
Create applied knowledge, and
Equip our students to become Best for the World Leaders and entrepreneurs.

Our Vision

Global distinction in developing Best for the World Leaders.

Our Values

Today - Not Tomorrow

George Graziadio was frequently heard saying this phrase and we believe it holds true for us. He reminds us in a world of constant opportunity and disruptive potential to hold an action bias (carpe diem) and to deliver on the good that is within our influence today and not to wait for more favorable or comfortable conditions.

Integrity Always

We aspire to live and model lives that are guided by a deep integrity that holds strong even when forces that try to compromise good challenge us.

Courage with Compassion

We believe that facing the challenges that lie before us will require deep courage, and we aspire to be models of fearlessness coupled with compassion that honor the dignity of each person.

Pioneering Spirit

Embracing the changes that we face in our daily lives and in the future will tap the enduring spirit of adventure, curiosity, and openness that has guided us in each new chapter of our existence. We aspire to live boldly and lean into new adventures with hopefulness.