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Faculty Testimonials

“I want to share knowledge with my students, but more than that, I want to lead them to wisdom, and wisdom requires personal experience.  From learning to collaborate with various layers of management to understanding how to deliver a product to satisfy multiple audiences, the E2B program provides our students with experience meeting real business goals.”
- Bruce Buskirk, Ph.D., Professor

"E2B class case projects increase student enthusiasm and create a deeper level of learning in the class. After the first presentation by the partner company, I had students emailing me early the next morning with questions and suggestions for the company. Our concept discussions delved deeper into the subject matter because my students have a common subject to discuss."
- Lynda Palmer, MBA, Professor

“Students gained valuable experience in delivering concise, executive level presentations to senior management and received real world feedback from clients firsthand. The learning process is beneficial to Pepperdine's students and prepares them to become the future senior managers of tomorrow."
- Arnold Ng, MBA, Professor

“I had the opportunity to include an E2B assignment in my class this summer, and I can tell you that it was a most rewarding and fulfilling experience for me as a teacher. It was a win-win-win situation for all involved. The students learned a lot, the company got three well thought out recommendations, and for me, as the faculty, it made my teaching much more effective and relevant.”
Sunil Mehrotra, MBA, Professor