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Pepperdine E2B™ Testimonials

The Pepperdine E2B program has received outstanding reviews from all parties involved. Read below to see what partner companies, students, and faculty are saying about E2B.

Partner Company Testimonials

"Raytheon's participation in the Pepperdine E2B program continues to be a totally positive and rewarding experience. At the outset of our ITSS class project, we worked jointly to focus our objectives and expectations. And we made more progress in one session that we had previously made in months of struggling on our own. Working with the students, they saw possibilities way beyond our dreams. Finally, the creativity, enterprise and enthusiasm of the teams returned so much more than our limited investment. We are actively pursuing some of the teams' concepts and look forward to participation in followup projects with Pepperdine."

- Gill Tansley, Program Manager - Pasadena Operations
Raytheon, Technical Services Company

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Student Testimonials

"The Pepperdine E2B project we worked on was more than an MBA class exercise — it was a real-world consulting project. Under the guidance of the professor and company executives, our group delivered a marketing plan of professional caliber. The company we worked for was counting on our findings to execute a multi-million dollar opportunity in a new market. It was an exciting challenge and also an extremely worthwhile learning experience. This program will enrich your MBA experience and most importantly, your resume."

- Santiago Giraldo, MBA Candidate

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