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What is Pepperdine E2B™?

What is e2b

Real-World Application Beyond the Classroom

Rigorous analyses, fresh perspectives, and actionable recommendations to move your business forward.

Companies are looking for experienced talent that can provide fresh insights to address complex organizational issues. Business students are seeking practical, results-oriented education and real-world experiences that allow them to apply graduate-level business concepts outside the classroom. The Pepperdine E2B program provides companies with realistic solutions and connects them with tomorrow’s business leaders.


How Pepperdine E2B works

When your organization is chosen as a Pepperdine E2B partner, a faculty expert will work directly with your organization to define the scope of the project, including proposed outcomes and expectations. Your project will then be assigned to a relevant MBA course, taught by industry-leading faculty. Three to six teams of MBA candidates will invest eleven to fourteen weeks of their time to research, analyze, and provide recommendations on your business case.  At the end of the trimester, the teams will present actionable insights orally and in a detailed written deliverable – to your team of executives.

Program Overview

Working Directly with Executives

After an initial introduction to company executives who present their current business issues in class, students divide into "consulting teams" to research, analyze, and address the assigned company's specific challenge.

11-14 Weeks of Development

Students remain in communication with executives throughout the project –, refining, troubleshooting, and honing their recommendations. The class concludes with students presenting both a written proposal and an oral presentation to the company executives. At key touchpoints during the project, constructive feedback is given to each team by the company executives

Real-Time Results 

Client demand to participate in the E2B program has skyrocketed since the program's inception in 2003 as a result of the exceptional quality research and recommendations produced by student teams. Companies come into the project with a business case and walk away with actionable recommendations that have the ability to impact the organization’s bottom line.