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Student Participation

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Gain Real-World Business Experience

Companies are looking for experienced talent that can provide fresh insights to address complex business issues. They are searching not just for educated talent, but workers with hands-on experience. To meet these employer needs, Pepperdine E2B™ delivers practical, results-oriented instruction that gives students real experience in critical-thinking and the application of MBA-level business concepts.


The Learning Experience

"We can't wait for the storm to blow over. We've got to learn to work in the rain."

Peter Silas

Phillips Petroleum

Through your MBA curriculum at the Graziadio School you are constantly challenged to find new and better methods for reaching business goals. Many of the concepts you learn in your classes are best practices, but not all companies utilize these best practices.

Change is inevitable today for companies to remain leading edge and competitive. Pepperdine E2B class case projects allow you to apply what you are learning in class to a real business problem that has immediate value in the business community.


What to Expect as a Student

Pepperdine E2B is a "real-world" experiential-learning intensive embedded within the curriculum of select classes in the Part-Time and Full-Time MBA programs that allows exclusive access to industry leaders. The benefits of participating in the program include:

  • Building networks that facilitate employment opportunities
  • Opening doors for potential internships and jobs
  • Understanding career responsibilities from practitioners in the field


How Pepperdine E2B Works

Through the Pepperdine E2B program, we work directly with company executives to identify current business issues that can be built into real-time MBA class case projects. Chosen projects get assigned to individual classes and become a focal point of study for the class. During an initial class period, the company executives will present to you information on their organization, industry, and specific business challenge.

Consulting Teams

Your class will divide into four- to six-person "consulting teams" to research, analyze, and address the assigned company's specific challenge. Halfway into the trimester, the company executives will return to your class for a "mid-point meeting" with each of the individual teams. At the end of the project, you will present your recommendations, with an oral presentation and written deliverable, to the senior executives of the company.