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About Maegan Scott


My name is Maegan Scott. I’m from the sigma prime cohort and I'm the owner and principal consultant of Wayfinding Partners.

I was thinking about who I was before I started the Master's in Organization Development program when I found out that I was going to be talking with you all and I was just this unconfident, shy, kind of small person who always wanted to make herself sort of fit into a small space. And I knew that I wanted to be more expansive in my life. And so I decided to do OD because I knew it would change the way that I showed up as a person.

And coming out of the program, I gained so much confidence. I figured out how I wanted to integrate all of the different things I cared most about in terms of personal development and growth and large scale societal change, which I thought were two disparate things, and MSOD helped me figure out how to combine all of those things and give me confidence enough to go for it.

I have a pretty aggressive and ambitious dream that we can end structural oppression in our lifetime. And so one of the things I hope people will remember, know about my legacy, is that I believe that in order to do that we have to focus on healing. And not just healing between victims and perpetrators, or healing between oppressor and oppressed, but fundamental, energetic, cellular healing, just as people in the world.

I'm actually a Reiki practitioner and I go for Reiki master training in September this year. And so I'm really looking for ways of integrating Reiki healing and coaching and especially working on how to heal the healers in the world and how to heal the people who are at the front lines of different struggles. So, if you think about the women who founded Black Lives Matter or if you think about the leaders of other social movements like that, and all of the energetic and all of the personal costs that they expend in order to lead movements like that, who is healing those people? How are we making sure that they are sustained and sustainable to continue making the change that we need to see.

So one of the things that I'm really working on over the next ten years is really building that as part of my practice to make it sort of normal to talk about Reiki and energy healing and to have people not think of you as a crazy person. So, just to be able to normalize that conversation in the professional spaces that I work in.

Yeah, the program changed my life. It's just very simple and you don't think about going to grad school for something to change your life, you know? And you definitely don't think about going to business school because you want to change your life; you think about business school because you want to get an MBA and you want to get a great job. And MSOD changes your life and you have to be open to that or you won't be successful in the program. And if you are open to having your life, having the bedrock of your identity just fundamentally shift in beautiful, and sometimes painful but beautiful ways, if you are open to that, then MSOD will be the perfect thing to transform you and to launch you into greater heights that you never thought you could reach.