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About Dr. Gary Mangiofico


I'm Dr. Gary Mangiofico, and I'm the academic director for the MSOD program, and a professor within the program as well.

Okay. It's really given me a community of heroes, the students, the alumni, the faculty, and working with all of them helps me become a better, wiser version of myself in trying to help and serve them becoming better versions of themselves.

I guess the one thing I'd want them to know about my legacy is that I believe so deeply in organizational development and what it can do for the world, that I have served to operate with conscious intention, and hopefully have brought wise action to further the voice of organizational development in the world, and that in doing so, it's been in the service of others and it makes a difference.

I think my work now, and the efforts I put forth relative to OD, is to continue to build that community of students and eventually OD practitioners, but even more so, is to foster a community of generosity, where people are taking forth what they know to be right actions for the world, and practicing greater inclusion and exercising greater grace and honor around the dignity and the sacredness of humanity. Because I believe OD can do that for the world.

I want my contribution to the world to be that I supported the development of a community that supports the human spirit and the sacredness of humanity.

Well, I think MSOD really is a place of transformation. I've seen faculty over the years change, I know myself have been transformed as a result of my participation, my teaching, the colleagues that I work with. Year after year, I see students come through, curious, eager, and watch their lives just become transformed as they go through the program, not really knowing what's going to happen to them. They put their trust and faith in who we are and the container we create for them to grow. At the end of the day, it never fails. They come through and say, "This has changed my life. It's changed my professional life, it's changed my personal life, my family, my relationships," and they feel that they have emerged a better whole person for having been through the program.