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What Employers Say About Pepperdine Interns

Bank of America

"We get great performances out of Pepperdine MBA students, so we continue to go back to get more great candidates. Our universal core strength that all our Pepperdine interns share is that they are good, sound general management thinkers."

Jim Emerick
Senior Vice President
Bank of America


"We are looking for candidates with strong leadership experience on campus as well as strong professional experience. Pepperdine candidates have an excellent mixture of both. I think the world of the school. The students are fantastic, the Career Services Office is extremely helpful and engaged, and I look forward to partnering with Pepperdine for years to come."

Mychele Riddick
Senior University Relations Manager
AT&T Leadership Development Program

Sony Pictures Television

"Our Pepperdine intern was the first to arrive in the morning and the last to leave at night. He knew what he had to do to get the job done. And he never complained. He was such a self-starter, he would see what projects I was working on and he'd run with them. He brought a new perspective to the table and did so without prompting."

Stephanie Chang
Manager, Production and Development
Sony Pictures Television


"In my experience, interns from Pepperdine seem to have a solid general management orientation. The work requirements of Business Planning and Metrics require highly flexible and adaptable individuals who are as comfortable with numbers as they are with words. Pepperdine interns I interviewed seemed less bound to a specific work discipline, and open to a broader work experience. They have been a good fit for our business needs."

Thomas P. Gray
Business Planning and Metrics
Franchise & Commercial Operations, West Region
The Coca-Cola Company