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Faculty Research

Our Contribution to a Global Conversation

The Pepperdine Graziadio Center for Women in Leadership engages in empirical and conceptual research on the status of women in positions in leadership and opportunities to influence the world around them. This includes the provision of grants and the Faculty Research Symposium, which kicked off in Fall 2015 and provides a platform for faculty across all five schools to present gender-related research.


Jillian Alderman, PhD Assistant Professor of Accounting

Jillian Alderman, PhD

Assistant Professor of Accounting

Alderman, J. (2017). Does Auditor Gender Influence Auditor Liability? Exploring the Impact of the Crime Congruency Effect on Jurors' Perceptions of Auditor Negligence. Advances in Accounting, 38C, 75-87.

Terri Egan, PhD

Terri Egan, PhD

Associate Professor Emeritus of Applied Behavioral Science

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Ann Feyerherm Professor of Organizational Theory and Management

Ann Feyerherm, PhD

Professor of Organizational Theory and Management

Feyerherm, A. & Vick, Y.H. (2005) Generation X Women in High Technology: Overcoming
Gender and Generational Challenges To Succeed in The Corporate Environment. Career Development International, 10(3), 216-227

Jennifer Franczak

Jennifer Franczak, PhD

Assistant Professor of Organization Theory and Management

McCartney, J., Franczak, J., Gonzalez, K., Hall, A., Hochwarter, W., Jordan, S., Wickham, W., Khan, A., Babalola, M. (2022) Supervisor off-work boundary infringements: Perspective-taking as a resource for after-hours intrusions, Work and Stress, in-press.

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Maretno Harjoto, PhD

Maretno Harjoto, PhD

Professor of Finance

Harjoto, M., and F. Rossi (2019), "Religiosity, Female Directors, and Corporate Social Responsibility for Italian Listed Companies," Journal of Business Research, Forthcoming. 

Harjoto, M., I. Laksmana, and Y. Yang (2018), "Board Diversity and Corporate Investment Oversight", Journal of Business Research, Vol. 90 (September 2018), 40-47. 

Bernice Ledbetter Practitioner Faculty of Organizational Theory and Management

Bernice Ledbetter, EdD

Dean of Student and Alumni Affairs and Practitioner of Organization Theory and Managemen

Ledbetter, B. (2017 in press). Women in leadership in Uganda. In M. Weber and K. Cissna-Heath (Eds.). Women in Leadership and Work-Family Integration, Volume Three: A Global Perspective. United Kingdom: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Ledbetter, Bernice l. (2014). A Values Approach to Advancing Women in Leadership:
Using Talent Management to Change the Equation. Graziadio Business Review, 17(3)

John Paglia Professor of Finance

John Paglia, PhD, CPA, CFA

Professor of Finance

Paglia, John, and David Robinson. "Measuring the Representation of Women and Minorities in the SBIC Program." Library of Congress, Federal Research Division (2016). 1-43.

Bobbi Thomason Assistant Professor of Applied Behavioral Science

Bobbi Thomason, PhD

Assistant Professor of Applied Behavioral Science

Hannah Riley Bowles, Bobbi Thomason, and May Al-Dabbagh, "Do Men Always Ask?", invited submission in preparation for Harvard Business Review Online

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Dana Sumpter, Associate Professor of Organization Theory and Management

Dana Sumpter, PhD

Associate Professor of Organization Theory and Management

Sumpter, D. and Zanhour, M. (2020). 3 Ways Companies Can Retain Working Moms Right Now Harvard Business Review

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