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One Week Abroad FAQs

Course Information

Do I register for course credits separately?

No, once you indicate your credit preference via your application, Global Programs will send your preference to your academic counselor/ director if you are placed and enrolled in a program.

Course Credits: An Overview

All GBICs can be taken for either 2 elective units or no credit. Taking a GBIC will satisfy your global education requirement. Please note that should you wish to take 2 elective units, you are responsible for the tuition fee, which is separate from the program fee.

All December Programs' units will be included in your concurrent Fall term. All April Programs' units will be included in your prior Spring term Session B.

For questions regarding the eligibility of any of our GBICs covering your degree requirements, please see your academic counselor. For questions regarding financial aid for your 2 elective units, please consult your financial aid officer.

Will there be an orientation?

Yes, an orientation will be held four to six weeks in West LA prior to your departure date. Attendance is mandatory, unless you have class, work, and/or personal issues that has been cleared and approved by the Global Programs office. Additionally, there will be another orientation at the beginning of the program once you have arrived in your host country.

Is there a chance that my program could be cancelled?

The Global Programs Short Course is as an academic course and it is offered based upon demand. Minimum enrollment is required and the course may be subject to cancellation in the event of insufficient enrollment or adverse global conditions. Note: Pepperdine University will not be held liable if a program has to be cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control.

How much is the Program Fee and what does that entail?

Please check the One-Week/ Multi-Week Program website for more details on the Program Fee. There is a flat fee across all April GBIC programs, and there is a discounted rate available for any student wishing to be in a double room (roommate).

The program fee covers all elements and expenses during the GBIC week, including: hotel lodging fees, transportations within the city for GBIC purposes (excluding personal travel), cultural excursions planned by the leading faculty, all breakfast meals, some lunches, some dinners, final dinner event fees, company visit fees, and other administrative items/ costs.

The program fee does NOT cover: tuition costs, flights to/from your destined location, local personal transportation to/from the airport, hotel, and venues, and some meals during free time within the GBIC week.

Application and Payment

How do I apply? Where is the application?

The application will be available online. During the registration, please provide your program preferences.

For the April GBICs, applications will open on at NOON on November 6.


When will I be notified that my space is confirmed for the short course?

Once your registration form and deposit have been received, you will receive confirmation of your space in the program via your Pepperdine email account if you are granted placement in the program. For the April 2020 sessions, students will be notified of their placement status on November 8. If you submit your application when the program is full, you will be automatically placed on the waiting list. The deposit will be due only when you are granted placement.

How many students do you take per program?

Each program has a different student attendance allowance. However, programs on average host close to 24 students. All programs are in high demand. If you are seriously committed to attending any of our programs, it is highly recommended that you apply immediately on your preferred program’s application date.

Is it necessary to submit a deposit?

Yes, your deposit along with your completed registration form will secure your place in the short course program. Acceptable payments are credit card and/or check. Checks must be sent to the Global Programs office.

What is the refund policy?

All refunds will be processed according to the refund schedule outlined in your application and will be less the $250 non-refundable deposit which is required for administrative and processing fees. If you remain on the waiting list and are not granted a placement by the application closing date, deposits will be refunded to you. Please refer to the cancellation policy and the refund schedule outlined within your application.

Is financial aid accepted as payment for the program fee?

Yes, financial aid can be used for your program fee, but only after all tuition for course credit has been satisfied. If there is a remaining balance, it may be used for the short course program fee. A written verification of your approved financial aid funds from the Financial Aid Office is required.

My company reimburses me for the cost of the course. What does your office require?

Company policies vary in the types of procedures and voucher documents they can supply. If you receive a voucher form your company, please submit it to Pepperdine's Global Programs office. Please check with your company's reimbursement office to see if they may be able to provide a voucher indicating reimbursement.

Travel Information

Is a passport required?

Yes, a passport is required for your travel overseas for all Global Business Short Course destinations. For information about how to apply for a passport, visit their website.

Is medical coverage for my travel overseas provided?

Each participant is required to have personal medical insurance. We recommend that you call your medical insurer's member services office regarding additional out-of-country coverage. Please carry your medical insurance card with you at all times when you are abroad. Pepperdine University provides emergency travel assistance through World Wide Assistance Services Inc. to students traveling out of the country for a university sponsored course. This service will provide a bridge to your personal medical insurance should an emergency occur.

During what days of the program can I expect accommodations?

Sunday evening through Saturday morning. Check-in is generally 12:00 p.m. (Sunday) and check-out is generally 9:00 a.m. (Saturday).

How much should I expect to spend during the week aside from the Program Fee coverage?

Depending on your needs and expense plans at your destined location, extra fund needs vary by student. Please note that the Program Fee will cover breakfast, most lunches, and most dinners. At absolute minimum, students should expect to cover some lunches and some dinners, personal travels to/ from airports, hotels, and venues, and other miscellaneous tourism activities. Please consult Global Programs to best assess how much you would need at the destination to which you would be travelling. More information will be covered during the pre-departure orientation.

General Information

What information will be made available before departure?

You may receive additional materials, announcements, and notifications about the course — all of which will be sent through your Pepperdine e-mail and/or Blackboard to which you will be given access. Additionally, there will be a MANDATORY pre-departure session in which you will receive short course materials such as your syllabus, travel tips, etc.

I am experiencing difficulty in accessing my application online. What should I do?

Please contact the Global Programs office for assistance.

E-mail: PGBSGlobalPrograms@pepperdine.edu
Phone: 310.506.4476

I am an Alumni and wish to attend. May I?

Although Alumni are welcome to apply for placement consideration, program placement priority will always be given to students. Only when the initial student application list is exhausted will Alumni placement be considered.

Please contact the Global Programs office for more information.

Can I bring a guest?

Due to the intensive academic nature of this program, guests are not allowed to participate in any portion of the program activities.