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Global Business Curriculum

Master of Science in Global Business Curriculum

The MS in Global Business curriculum offers you the fundamentals of business and management with a focus on international business, in only 15 months. The program may be completed in four trimesters with a minimum of 47 units. The program offers a diverse range of global learning experiences designed to enhance the global mindset level of MSGB graduates and prepare for and add value to their specific global business careers.

All students complete their first two trimesters of course study in Malibu. The remaining two trimesters include a globally focused internship trimester, and a fourth trimester of courses abroad or in Malibu. The study abroad experience is a highly important element of the global business education in the MSGB program. Domestic students in the MSGB program are required to study abroad for one semester or complete a full-time internship trimester outside the United States. International students are eligible to complete a globally focused internship trimester in the United States or abroad (including their home country). International students may complete their fourth trimester of course study in Malibu or abroad.

One Global Business Intensive course outside the United States is included in the MSGB Program curriculum for all students. Semester study abroad courses are offered through Pepperdine's worldwide network of partner universities of more than fifty partner schools. In your final trimester, you will have the opportunity to apply your knowledge in a trimester abroad through Pepperdine's worldwide network of partner universities.


Trimester 1 – Core courses

Trimester 2 – Core courses and electives, Required Study Tour

Trimester 3 – Internship*

Trimester 4 – Study Abroad*

*Students who begin the program in January will take elective courses in Trimester 3 and complete the internship in Trimester 4.


For detailed course descriptions, please refer to the Academic Catalog.

  • Career Seminar (0 units)
  • Financial Accounting (2 units)
  • Economic Concepts (2 units)
  • Applied Data Analysis (2 units)
  • Personal Development for Leadership (2 units)
  • Personal and Leadership Development Workshop (1 unit)
  • Accounting for Multinational Enterprises (2 units)
  • Managerial Economics (2 units)
  • Quantitative Business Analysis (2 units)
  • Theories and Models of Organizations (2 units)
  • Managerial Finance (4 units)
  • Marketing Management (4 units)
  • Required Elective (2 units)
  • Macroeconomic Analysis (2 units)
  • The Global Economic Environment (2 units)
  • Study Tour (2 units)