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Most Fundable Companies®

We Believe In Great Companies. We Help Them Succeed.

Our goal is to bridge the gap to get startup companies funded. Are you an early-stage U.S. company seeking private capital? Does your business generate between $0 and $10 million in annual revenue? Are you willing to answer a few questions and invest some of your time to determine your company's fundability?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, take part in our survey today! Get objective feedback on how your business will be viewed by potential investors. We aim to help you think about how to structure your business and pitch your service or product so that you are seen as a worthy investment. The top startups will be selected for our annual Most Fundable Companies® list.


Is Your Company Fundable?

Start with a Pre-Screen and Qualifier Survey. All companies receive the following benefits upon qualifier survey completion:

  • Private, risk-free analysis and feedback, customized for your company ($500 value)
  • Radar Graph from The Venture Alliance (TVA) - A unique graphical snapshot benchmarking your company to an ideal competitor in your industry at a similar stage of development
  • General guidance on your likelihood for funding
  • Opportunity to participate as semi-finalists in our Fundability Assessment phase

TVA Radar Graph

Benchmarking Across 12 Measured Dimensions

Most Fundable Companies radar graph


Completing the Pre-Screen and Qualifier Survey are the first step in being recognized as a Most Fundable Company.

After completing the Fundability Assessment, companies that are selected to be on the Most Fundable Companies list receive the following benefits:

  • Recognized nationally
  • Targeted credible exposure to potential strategic partners, investors, customers, and new hires
  • Brand awareness and marketing tools
  • Access to exclusive events, networking, and services

TVA Fundability Curve



  • There is no cost to participate. Don't miss this rare opportunity to get our unparalleled level of analysis and feedback at no cost!
  • Complete the Pre-Screen and Qualifier Survey Receive a Radar Graph from The Venture Alliance (TVA) - a unique graphical snapshot benchmarking your company to an ideal competitor in your industry at a similar stage of development.
  • Semi-finalists will be invited to complete the more intensive Fundability Assessment survey.
  • Top performers collaborate in the final stage to complete your company story.
  • Top finalists are selected for the Most Fundable Companies list for national recognition.

Please note these key dates:

Top Company Introductions and Verification July and August, 2020 (Finals)
Gala Event and Announcement of Winners October 2020
Pre-Screening Round February 3 - March 31, 2020
Qualifier Survey April 1 - May 29, 2020 (Quarter-Finals)
Fundability Assessment June 1– June 30, 2020 (Semi-Finals)

1. Can any company participate?

All startups characterized by the following are invited to participate:

  • US-based privately held businesses

  • Original founder(s) is actively involved and is on the executive team

  • Prior 12-month revenue up to $10M

 Companies we cannot support at this time include:

  • Franchise businesses (either franchisors or franchisees)

  • Nonprofits

  • Any business engaged in products or services not consistent with the goals or mission of Pepperdine University

Startups are about community. Share the program with your network.

2. Is there a cost?

No, Pepperdine is pleased to offer the surveys and feedback report at no cost to you. Your time to complete the surveys will be rewarded with private actionable feedback specific to your company for your use, plus consideration to be featured in the Pepperdine Most Fundable Companies™ List and its related benefits.

3. How does the competition work?

Companies across all industries are evaluated using Pepperdine's proprietary methodology powered by The Venture Alliance (TVA). The process has been utilized to review thousands of startups for more than 15 years.

4. Who will be named on the Most Fundable Companies™ List?

Semi-finalists invited to complete our Fundability Assessment and final stage introductions and verification will be considered for the Pepperdine Most Fundable Companies™ List.

5. If I don't make this year's list, can I resubmit next year?

Yes! A goal of the Most Fundable Companies™ program is to provide you with constructive information to generate favorable results for your business and a better position next time. Plus, a lot can happen during a year in the life of a startup, therefore you will need to begin the process from the beginning.

6. Are survey responses kept private?

The information you provide will be used to evaluate your eligibility for various programs and opportunities. Pepperdine University may disclose some or all of the contact information you provide to third parties, such as sponsors or strategic partners. Please carefully review the Terms and Conditions before you begin the Qualifier Survey.

7. What if I am not looking for funding?

Insights from the Qualifier Report are valuable to any company. They offer a critical view of your business that you can utilize to help your company grow and thrive.

8. Can I nominate a company?

Yes! Share the survey within your network or portfolio of companies. We understand that advertising and PR are expensive and startup resources are limited. The value of potential brand exposure outweighs the time it takes to participate. Plus, every company that submits a Qualifier Survey receives a Qualifier Report that contains objective and customized feedback to improve their readiness for funding.

9. What if I still have questions?

Please contact us at mostfundablecos@pepperdine.edu.

  • Final Stage: Introductions and verification may include an on-site or remote interview and a background check. A company may not be published based on the outcome.
  • The Pepperdine Most Fundable Companies List does not represent an offer to sell securities. It does not constitute investment advice, nor is it an endorsement of any particular product or service. Pepperdine University and The Venture Alliance (TVA) are not broker-dealers and do not perform services provided by a broker-dealer, including but not limited to any financial or investment advising.

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