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MBA Graduates

2020 Full-Time MBA Graduate Statistics

A Full-Time MBA from Pepperdine Graziadio maximizes career opportunities, provide resumes with competitive edge for every employer's top list. Our Career and Professional Development positions you with resources and support, connecting you with to the career of your dreams. Discover where your MBA will take you.


Accepted job offer by graduation


Accepted job offer by three months after graduation


Median starting salary for graduates

School-facilitated job acceptances 46%
Job Acceptance 
Total graduates seeking employment 62%
Accepted job offer by graduation 50%   
Offer accepted by third month post-graduation 68.4%  
Reported Median signing bonus $11K
Starting Salary 
Mean $96K
Median $100K
High $190K  
Undergraduate Major
Technical 8%
Business 61%    
Other 31% 
More than five years 31%
Professional Experience 
One year or less 27%
More than one year, up to three years 15%
More than three years, up to five years 27%
Marketing / Sales 14% 
Operations / Logistics 4% 
Other 18% 
Consulting 9%
Finance / Accounting 23%   
General Management 32% 
Financial Services 36%
Manufacturing 9%
Real Estate 5% 
Technology 27%
Other 13% 
Consulting 5%
Consumer Packaged Goods 5%