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"Master's Degree"

Choosing a path

The PepperGuide to Graziadio: The Do's and Don'ts of Choosing a Master's Program

There are common misconceptions or mistakes made when finding the right master’s program. We’ve compiled a list of mistakes to avoid.

Yassi Youdai

The Building Blocks of Success: Yassi Youdai (MS '20) Details Her Experience in Graziadio's Master of Science in Real Estate Program

For Yassi Youdai, the building blocks of success came through her internship experience—later budding into a full-time career.


Can an Education Contribute to Happiness? An Inside Look

Can a degree really make you happier? It’s a yes and no scenario. Read on to understand how education can contribute to overall satisfaction in life.

Master's degree student laughing during classroom conversation at Pepperdine

Foundational Business Skills Spur New Career Opportunities With a Master of Science in Business from Pepperdine Graziadio

The new Master's in Business program will build business skills demanded in today’s environments, opening new avenues for college graduates.

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Academic Pathways: Starting With the Community College Route

From saving money to more flexibility, attending community college first is a beneficial route for many when starting their educational pathway.

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What Not to Do When Choosing a Master's Program

Learn about a few often-made mistakes when choosing a post-graduate program and how to avoid them at Pepperdine.edu now.

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What Can You Do with a Master's in Human Resources Degree?

Discover a variety of career options you can pursue (including average salaries for each) after studying Human Resources at Pepperdine.edu now.