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"Faculty Research"

Charla Griffy-Brown

Technology Management, Cyber Risk, and Leadership in Digital Transformation

See how emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and distributed ledger continue to transform businesses.

Student reviewing research journal

Whose Calls for Research Should Business Scholars Answer?: A "Full-Voice Meaningful" Approach

Business scholars commonly justify the need for their research by noting fellow scholars who have called for it.

Donn Kim portrait

Research Tips: The Key to Running an Efficient Research Team

Though I mostly specialize in analysis, idea-generating and persuasive storytelling are all essential areas for efficient and effective research.

Research tips

Research Tips: Seizing Funding Opportunities and Working with University Resources

With COVID-19 creating increased challenges in funding, faculty gathered with the Office of Research & Sponsored Programs to discuss funding resources.

Cristell Russell

One Brand, Many Trajectories: Narrative Navigation in Transmedia

These professors hope their journey will motivate other 'French girls’ and other junior scholars to be brave and seek guidance from senior scholars.

Professor writing paper at laptop

Research Tips: So I Got a Rejection...Now What?

If you're a faculty member submitting articles to high quality journals, it's likely you will receive a lot of rejections. Here's what to do next.

Person using their cell phone

The Role of Perspective Taking on Supervisor Off-Work Privacy Violations: A Three Study-Replication

See how our research explores the pros and cons of connected employees, especially when they're faced with supervisor off-work privacy violations.

Faculty member sharing research on social media platform

Broadening Your Reach: 5 Alternative Outlets for Sharing Your Academic Research

In addition to publishing, here are six tips for distributing your content through vehicles other than the traditional academic outlets.