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Research tips

Research Tips: Seizing Funding Opportunities and Working with University Resources

With COVID-19 creating increased challenges in funding, faculty gathered with the Office of Research & Sponsored Programs to discuss funding resources.

Cristell Russell

One Brand, Many Trajectories: Narrative Navigation in Transmedia

These professors hope their journey will motivate other 'French girls’ and other junior scholars to be brave and seek guidance from senior scholars.

Colonel Eric Leshinsky

The Pepperdine Paradigm: Proudly Giving Back to Those Who Serve

We celebrate the brave men and women who serve our country and genuinely manifest Pepperdine’s ideological beliefs—putting others before themselves.

Daniel Soto

Highlighting Heroes: Daniel Soto Served His Country--Now He's Bringing Service Leadership to Graziadio

Graziadio student, Daniel Soto acts as an inspiration for us all, genuinely exhibiting Best for the World leadership by formerly serving our country.

For Hire sign

Industries Hiring During the Pandemic

This article will take a look at industries that are in-demand during the pandemic, and offer up tips to increase your opportunities for employment.

Student and professor discussing homework

Academic Pathways: Starting With the Community College Route

From saving money to more flexibility, attending community college first is a beneficial route for many when starting their educational pathway.

Work-life Balance

Work-Life Balance: Why it Matters Now More Than Ever

Balancing your life allows you to enjoy both work and personal life. Find the routine that works best for you and enjoy the beautiful world!

Christina LeRubio portrait

National Hispanic Heritage Month: Christina LeRubio

National Hispanic Heritage Month honors Hispanic Americans each year. In this post, we're featuring one of our very own staff members Christina LeRubio.