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Professor writing paper at laptop

Research Tips: So I Got a Rejection...Now What?

If you're a faculty member submitting articles to high quality journals, it's likely you will receive a lot of rejections. Here's what to do next.

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The Role of Perspective Taking on Supervisor Off-Work Privacy Violations: A Three Study-Replication

See how our research explores the pros and cons of connected employees, especially when they're faced with supervisor off-work privacy violations.

Business professional working from home

Working Your Way Up: The Benefits of Working Part-time While Earning a Degree

Whether you’re in full-time school and part-time work or anything in between, we will look at the benefits of working while attending college.

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College Financing Tips: Ways to Manage Your Finances as a Student

Whether you're starting your undergraduate degree or earning your PhD, there are steps you can take to stay ahead of your finances during school.

Sharifa Batts

Women Making Waves: DBA Candidate Sharifa Batts Details Her Doctor of Business Administration Experience

Alumna and DBA candidate Sharifa Batts (MBA ‘17) has a deep-rooted relationship with Graziadio as an Executive MBA alumna and current DBA student.

DBA Candidate Ana Brandt

Women Making Waves: DBA Candidate Ana Brant Details Her Doctor of Business Administration Experience

Read about why Executive Doctor of Business Administration candidate, Ana Brandt, chose to earn her DBA to achieve her desire for mastery fully.

Students applying for graduate business degrees online

What Not to Do When Choosing a Master's Program

Learn about a few often-made mistakes when choosing a post-graduate program and how to avoid them at Pepperdine.edu now.