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MS in Organization Development

Read interviews conducted by MSOD alumni and various members of the MSOD network.

Avonlie Wylson

Avonlie Wylson, MSOD '15

The Power Of Connecting People And Business

"I am fundamentally changed as a result of the program. Currently, I am making an impact in my consulting engagements and in my personal life."

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Maria Glymph

Maria Glymph, MSOD '13

MSOD Resources and Relationships Create Impact Well Beyond The Program Experience

"Regardless, the program is about change, and it happens to each individual. It’s valuable to experience and learn about personal and group dynamics."

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Sharon Schaff

Sharon Schaff, MSOD '13

Unchecked bias and group dynamics hinder understanding and surfacing the best solution

"MSOD was my real source of manager leadership training. It was very valuable to talk to folks in our cohort who had experience, ideas about how to address challenges and strategies to overcome them."

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Zack Robertson

Zack Robertson, MSOD '13

Healthcare: See The System & Collaborate With Competitors

"My impact was not as significant, I was not gaining as much trust as my coworkers, I was not being promoted at the same rate, and I did not have the same level of engagement in the work. As soon as I switched to OD work I began having an impact on the organization."

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Gil Rahn, MSOD

Gil Rahn, MSOD '14

Connecting the dots between seemingly disparate businesses and the leaders who manage them

"The true mastery of OD is the ability to simplify these concepts to the point where they seem almost elementary. Achieving that is the true magic of OD and that is what I hope to do for the rest of my life."

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