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About Albert Yu


My name is Albert Yu. I am with Tau Prime. I was previously the operations director for World Vision China.

Coming into the MSOD program what was probably the most powerful thing for me was reaching an awareness of who I was and how I show up in the world. What that's allowed me to do is channel my energies towards what I really love to do and that is to help people grow and by extension, develop teams that are capable of doing good work and organizations that can make an impact in the world.

So I would say, that knowing all of this has really clarified how I can use myself as an instrument, and be helpful to the world.

I’d like my legacy to be one of possibility. Coming into the program, I thought I was just coming in to learn about organization development and how that could be useful at work and  to build my career. But after going through the program and coming to know myself better, coming to know how I show up, and what I can do to help others, that's just opened up more possibilities for me.

I think if I can leave that legacy for anyone who is coming into the program, just know that you're going to come and learn a lot and if you come in with good intentions and do the work on yourself and with your community and the cohort, you're going to leave with a lot more possibilities ahead of you.

In the next ten years, what I would love to do is to bring the sense of community and the power that comes with it, into the workplace. Whether I'm a leader, or I'm an OD practitioner, a coach or a consultant. I want to have the people I work with have that feeling, so that they know that all things are possible if they can work together and can connect to a higher purpose or mission, of whatever project or organization they're working for.

What I really appreciate about the program is the global presence it has. Just being able to work across the U.S. but then also in France and Chile, and China, and being able to embrace OD in those different countries, knowing how it can be expressed in different contexts. It really allows us to be global citizens. And so our possibilities and the potential for us to make a difference not just within where we live and where we work.

We can actually make a difference anywhere in the world we go taking what we've learned from the program with us.