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Headshot of Christina Carmelle Lopez

Empowering Your Academic Journey: Christina Carmelle Lopez (’02, MBA ’21) Shares Insights from Get the Degree Without Losing Your Mind

Christina Carmelle Lopez (’02, MBA ’21), a seasoned Deloitte manager and former US diplomat, brings her wealth of experience to her new book, Get the Degree Without Losing Your Mind: The Busy Student’s Guide to Study Hacking, where she offers practical study tips for modern students.

Headshot of Poppy

Alumna Poppy Farsijani (MBA ‘10) Shares Her Experience in the MBA Program and Successful Debut of Film Woman. Life. Freedom.

Journalist and alumna, Poppy Farsijani graduated from Pepperdine's MBA program in 2010 and shares the success of her new documentary.

National Disability Independence Day

Honoring Our Community on National Disability Independence Day

Join us in celebrating the day that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed and recognizing the substantial achievements of our Disabled community throughout history.

Shiv Patel (MBA '19)

Lessons From a Woman Entrepreneur: How to Make Your Startup Stand Out in a Saturated Market

Working your way up the entrepreneurship ladder as a woman takes persistence and confidence – leave it up to Shiv Patel (MBA '19) to tell you how to reach the top, successfully.


Learning Continues Post-Grad: Azmina Shamji-Kanji (MBA ‘93) Seeks New Paths for Valley CORF Based on E2B Recommendations

MBA students within the Pepperdine E2B™ program collaborated with a local rehabilitation facility, Valley CORF, led by Azmina to present actionable recommendations for expanding future business.


A Love Story that Began at Pepperdine Graziadio: Loy Oppus-Moe and Jeff Moe Share their Success in Marriage and Business

Attending Graziadio for an MBA degree was their initial intention. It only took one class to change their perspectives and fall in love for a lifetime to come.


Turning Sustainability into a Trending Fashion: Entrepreneur Nicky Dodaj Inspires Future Business Leaders

Co-founder and entrepreneur of Malibu Juice Club, Nicky Dodaj (MBA ‘21), inspires future generations to take the road less traveled and learn along the way. She did.

Jared Lee

A Million Pound Mission: Meet Alumnus and Entrepreneur Jared Lee (MBA ‘15) of EAT Almonds

Entrepreneur, athlete, and true example of a Best for the World Leader, Jared Lee (MBA ‘15), wakes up every morning thinking of ways to help people.

Alumna Whitney Stambler

Enjoy the Burger, Save the Cow: Graziadio Alumna Whitney Stambler Shares How Beyond Meat is Changing the Future of the Meat Industry

See below for our interview with Beyond Meat Whitney Stambler (MBA ‘17) on why she loves working at Beyond Meat and the industry’s future.

Mark Campbell

Serving Those Who Serve: Military Leader Mark Campbell Shares His Experience and Insights On What Makes a Values-based Leader

See how tenured Military leader and Graziadio alum Mark Campbell (MBA ‘05) understands the sacrifices military personnel make for their country.