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Steven Van Cohen

Emphasizing "Connectability": Alumnus Steven Van Cohen Influences Leadership in Workplace Cultures

Co-author of Collectable and Co-founder of LessLonely.com, Steven Van Cohen (MSOD ‘11) shares the journey that led to his entrepreneurial endeavors – addressing “connectability” at the forefront.

Jared Lee

A Million Pound Mission: Meet Alumnus and Entrepreneur Jared Lee (MBA '15) of EAT Almonds

Entrepreneur, athlete, and true example of a Best for the World Leader, Jared Lee (MBA ‘15), wakes up every morning thinking of ways to help people.

Alumna Inia Franklin

Alumna Inia Franklin Shares Her Recent Promotion and Tips for Success

Alumna Inia Franklin, who graduated from Graziadio’s Masters in Management and Leadership in 2016, shares her recent business success at Toyota.

Alumna Whitney Stambler

Enjoy the Burger, Save the Cow: Graziadio Alumna Whitney Stambler Shares How Beyond Meat is Changing the Future of the Meat Industry

See below for our interview with Beyond Meat Whitney Stambler (MBA ‘17) on why she loves working at Beyond Meat and the industry’s future.

Jonathan Tan

Sustainability Meets Business: Executive MBA Alumnus Jonathan Tan (MBA '14) Details How His Work Intersects with Sustainability

Jonathan Tan shares his recent success of founding the Ratio Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to accelerating measurable sustainability.

Arabo Beiki (MBA '15)

Leading the Pack: MBA Alumnus Arabo Beiki Details His Regimen for Success and His Thoughts on Best for the World Leaders

See how alumnus Arabo Beiki (MBA ‘15) is a representation of servant leadership and has seen its manifestation in his personal and professional life.

Omar Harouny (MBA ‘15)

A Perfect Pairing: Alumnus Omar Harouny Details How Graziadio Helped Him Start His Own Business With a Fellow Alumni

See how Part-Time MBA alumnus, Omar Harouny (MBA ‘15), is an incredible exhibition of the benefit of forming and utilizing alumni connections.

Charles Johnson (MBA ‘13)

A New Wave of Commercials: Charles Johnson (MBA '13) CEO and Founder of Pause Commercials is Transforming the Advertising Arena

See how founder and CEO of Pause Commercials, Charles Johnson, built his business doing what most advertisers do best—thinking outside of the box.

Alumna Laura Woodward

Disrupting Your Element: Laura Woodward's Firm is Changing the Way You Think

For Laura Woodward, the idea of “disruption” and leveraging it to better tune into your thoughts, actions, and more has always been a no brainer.

Cristian Quintanilla

National Hispanic Heritage Month: Cristian Quintanilla

National Hispanic Heritage Month honors Hispanic Americans each year. In this post, we're featuring one of our very own alumni, Cristian Quintanilla.