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SEER Certificate Courses


Earn a Certificate in Socially, Environmentally, and Ethically Responsible (SEER) Business Strategy

The Certificate in Socially, Environmentally, and Ethically Responsible (SEER) Business Practice allows students to complement their degree with courses and activities that will prepare them to understand the complexities of issues such as sustainability, corporate social responsibility, and ethics and how these tie into producing a superior product that generates financial growth. The SEER certificate has two components: (1) 8 units of course requirements and (2) service requirements.

Course Requirements

Required Course: STGY 645 Responsible Business Practice Capstone (2)

Elective Courses: Six units are selected from the following courses.
The abbreviations after each course denote the academic program(s) that offers the course (FT = Full-time MBA, PT = Part-time MBA, OL = Online MBA, MSML = Online MSML). 

  • BSCI 635 Leadership and Ethics (2) (FT, PT, OL)
  • BSCI 660 Advanced Topics in Applied Behavioral Science (4) (FT, PT)
  • DESC 636 Project Management (2) (FT, PT, OL)
  • DESC 637 Multiple Attribute Decision Analysis (2) (OL)
  • ENTR 622 Developing a New Business Opportunity (4) (PT)
  • ENTR 624 Building a Business Model (4) (FT, PT, OL)
  • ENTR 625 Launching a New Venture (4) (FT, PT, OL)
  • ENTR 661 Entrepreneurship and the Generation of New Venture Ideas (2) (OL)
  • ENTR 662 The Feasibility of New Venture Ideas (2) (OL)
  • ISTM 663 Managing Cyber Security, Risk, and Privacy (2) (PT, OL)
  • MKTG 627 Consumer Behavior I: Inside Consumers’ Minds (2) (PT)
  • MKTG 677 Consumer Behavior (2) (FT)
  • OTMT 623 Managing Cross-Cultural, Diverse, and Inclusive Organizations (4) (FT, PT)
  • OTMT 625 Developing Agile Organizations & Leading Change (4) (FT, PT)
  • OTMT 641 The Role of Business in Society (2) (FT*)
  • OTMT 671 Cross-Cultural Management (2) (FT*, OL, MSML)
  • OTMT 672 Organizational Dynamics and Managing Change (4) (OL, MSML)
  • OTMT 678 Managing Creativity and Innovation for Leadership (4) (OL, MSML)
  • OTMT 679 Management and Leadership Capstone (2) (MSML)
  • OTMT 681 Leading Cross-Cultural and Virtual Teams (4) (MSML)
  • OTMT 683 Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (2) (MSML)
  • PGBS 693 Global Business Intensive (1-4) (2 units required) (SEER specific - director approval) (FT, PT, OL, MSML)
  • PGBS 694 G3: Going Global with Graziadio - Global Business Development Practicum (0-2) (2 units required) (PT)
  • ACCT 698, BSCI 698, DESC 698, ECNM 698, ENTR 698, FINC 699, ISTM 698, LEGL 698, MKTG 698, OTMT 698, PGBS 698, or STGY 698 (Special Topics courses ranging from 1-4 units, with 2 units required. Must be SEER specific and have director approval.) (FT, PT, OL)

*Available to FTMBA students through the MSGB Program.

Students who complete the Entrepreneurship sequence of courses and a business plan (as the final deliverable for ENTR 625) that adequately addresses the four SEER macro-values (approved by the SEER Committee) will have satisfied the course requirement of the SEER certificate. ENTR 625 substitutes for STGY 645 as the required course for the SEER certificate.