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Alumni FAQ

Office of Alumni Engagement


 What is the difference between GAN, PAN, and Waves?

GAN – The Graziadio Alumni Network is a free membership organization dedicated to advancing the professional development of Graziadio School alumni and students. The Graziadio Alumni Network offers a wide range of opportunities to advance your leadership skills, build relationships with fellow alumni, support the development of current students, and play a significant and direct role in planning network programs and activities.

Waves – The Pepperdine University Alumni Association [BROKEN LINK] includes more than 100,000 alumni worldwide, encompassing all five Pepperdine schools. Its mission is to strengthen the Pepperdine community by engaging alumni in a lifelong relationship with the University, its students, and fellow alumni through meaningful service and leadership. This is accomplished through the efforts of volunteer alumni leaders, regional programs and activities and exclusive benefits and services. Membership is automatic upon graduation.

 Is there a GAN membership fee?

There is no membership fee to be a part of the Graziadio Alumni Network (GAN). Upon graduation from the Graziadio School you are automatically a member of the GAN.

 How long has the Graziadio Alumni Network been in existence?

Management Partners, now known as the Graziadio Alumni Network, was established in the 1980s. The first Leadership Council was later formed in 1996. The Graziadio Alumni Network council moved to the current structure in 2007 by establishing three regional bodies, GAN‐Los Angeles, GAN‐Orange County, and GAN‐Northern California.

 Do I have to be an alumnus to be a GAN member?

No. Current students and alumni of the Graziadio School are automatically members of GAN.

 I want to meet and network with other alumni in my area. How do I get engaged with the Graziadio Alumni Network?

Click to see the many ways you can get involved.

 How can I reach out to alumni?

The various methods of reaching out to alumni include the use of PAN, social media outlets.[BROKEN LINK]

 I want to give back to my community. When can I learn about service opportunities?

Contact Waves of Service, a collaboration that celebrates, supports, and connects Pepperdine alumni committed to volunteerism and careers of service. The vision of Waves of Service is to become the most active alumni service movement in the world and there are chapters throughout the country. To learn more, visit the Waves of Service[BROKEN LINK] website or call 310.506.4464.


 What career services are available to our alumni?

Career Coaching: Includes one‐on‐one, short‐term coaching sessions for guidance on resumes, interviews, career planning, salary negotiation and more.

Career Events: In‐person workshops, webinars, and networking events.

Career Portal: Online job postings, resources, and search tools. Visit Career Portal.

For more information visit the Career and Professional Development website.[BROKEN LINK]

 How do I find out how to recruit students or hire an intern?

When you hire Graziadio, you get experience-driven leaders who can make an immediate impact on the job. Recruit a Graziadio intern and benefit from their fresh, enthusiastic thinking and real-world business skills. For more information on recruiting a Graziadio student or hiring an intern, call Career and Professional Development at 310.568.5760. Learn more about our hiring


 How do I give to Pepperdine or become a Pepperdine Executive Associate?

Every dollar makes a difference! Every gift from alumni, no matter the size, counts as participation and directly impacts our rankings. Every donation is tax deductible and supports the world-class education of our students. Every investment is a vote of confidence and changes the lives of future business leaders. Be part of something bigger and joining an elite inner circle of loyal supporters in the Executive Associates and Graziadio Century Clubs. Learn more about giving

 What kinds of programs are offered for additional learning?

You've earned your MBA, but want to keep your skills current. Update your knowledge through MBA Plus—an exclusive program that offers alumni the opportunity to take additional business classes at a substantial discount, in our Fully Employed MBA program. For more information, contact us at (949) 223-2563.

 Who do I call to get a copy of my transcripts or diploma?

Transcripts, degree checks and diplomas may be obtained through the Registrar's Office. Visit the Registrar's Office[BROKEN LINK] online or call (310) 506-7999.