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Extend Your Stay in Malibu: Explore Pepperdine Graziadio Programs

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Now is the perfect time to consider returning to your alma mater to enhance your career prospects by pursuing a graduate degree. Having already embarked on your professional journey, coming back to learn valuable skills will undoubtedly broaden your horizons and open up new job opportunities. Our institution offers a supportive environment, esteemed faculty, and cutting-edge research opportunities that will help you excel in your chosen field. By returning to where it all began, you'll not only enrich your knowledge but also strengthen your connection to our vibrant community. Invest in your future success by returning now to further your education and advance your career.

Explore Pepperdine Graziadio’s MBA, MS, and executive programs. By earning an advanced degree you’ll be able to drive meaningful change in businesses and your community with purpose, service, and leadership at the heart of your graduate experience – just as it was in your undergraduate program.

Your alma mater eagerly awaits your return to help you achieve new heights of professional excellence. Enjoy some exclusive benefits available upon enrollment in any of the Pepperdine Graziadio programs - learn more below!


Seaver Alumni Admission Benefits

Your choice to continue your Pepperdine legacy comes with the following benefits:

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The Graziadio Difference: Real-World Learning

At the Pepperdine Graziadio Business School, we believe that your path to success begins with the educational intuition to which you entrust your journey. That's why we offer you the opportunity to accelerate your career trajectory by pursuing a graduate-level business degree, like an MBA or Master of Science in Business, immediately after your undergraduate degree. Stand out from the competition by being among the few who have a graduate-level business education early in their careers. Employers value the skills, knowledge, and leadership potential an advanced degree brings.


  • Fast-Track Your Career: A graduate degree opens doors to advanced job opportunities and positions you as a top candidate for coveted roles. Your early investment in your future will result in accelerated career growth, higher earning potential, and greater job security. You’ll also join an expansive community of like-minded individuals, industry experts, and accomplished alumni to complement your existing Pepperdine network. Forge lifelong connections that will not only enrich your educational experience but also provide valuable professional connections.
  • Gain Global Perspective: Our graduate degree offerings are designed to equip you with a global mindset. You'll gain insights into international business practices, cross-cultural competencies, and a broader understanding of the global marketplace. You’ll also have the opportunity to study abroad, a second time for many Seaver students, and gain a global perspective on the world through a business lens.  
  • Academic Excellence: Learn from distinguished faculty members who bring a wealth of industry experience and academic expertise. They are committed to your growth and success. Our curriculum emphasizes hands-on learning, case studies, and real-world projects. You’ll be able to tailor your degree to suit your career goals with a variety of specializations and create a path that aligns with your passion and ambition.
  • ROI You Can Count On: The journey isn't just about professional development; it's also a time for personal growth, self-discovery, and building character. Develop essential soft skills like teamwork, communication, and problem-solving. A graduate degree is an investment in yourself and your future. The return on investment (ROI) for an early degree can be substantial in terms of career advancement and earning potential over your lifetime. From bachelor’s to master’s, the median annual wage increases 38.8% and lifetime ROI is 433.5%, according to a recent study by educationdata.org.




Hillary Doran

As an alumnus of both Seaver College and Pepperdine Graziadio Business School, I can say with certainty that my MBA accelerated my career and prepared me for the leadership position I am in today. My undergraduate experience was phenomenal and the foundation of knowledge I needed to enter the business world, but the experiential learning component of the MBA really prepared me for the real world and taught me how to speak with executives and apply my learning beyond the classroom.

MBA '15



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