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Leadership Essentials for Managers

Join us for the unique opportunity in a specialized three-day program. In this program, you will develop key strategies for managing organizational change. You also will build high-performance teams with our Leadership Essentials for Team Leaders, Managers, and Directors. Overall, this program is tailored to target leadership competencies and cultivate skills critical for mid-level leaders.  We also will be providing performance feedback and coaching in direct reports and colleagues.

Program Overview

During this experiential program, you will:

  • Complete a comprehensive 360 leadership assessment and development plan
  • Enhance your ability to build high performance teams.
  • Further your skills in managing organizational change.
  • Develop your emotional intelligence competencies as a leader.
  • Enhance your skills at delivering performance feedback.


"The feedback received will help my growth." - Vanessa A.

"Hearing other classmates describe their struggles and challenges, provided me the opportunity to think about my own routines and make changes." - Logan J.

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Program Information

Program Dates*
April 15 - 17, 2024

West Los Angeles Campus
6100 Center Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90045

Investment: General registration discounts are available for Pepperdine students, alumni, veterans, and previous Executive Education program participants. Please "Request Information" or contact execed@pepperdine.edu for additional information.

Achievement: A certificate of completion and digital badge is awarded upon successful completion of the program. This program does not carry academic units/credits. 

*Dates and locations may change. We will notify participants of any changes in a timely manner.

  • Session 1: Leadership Agility in a VUCA Business Environment
    Session one features a comprehensive overview of the program, including learning outcomes and what participants should expect.
  • Session 2: Developing Leader Emotional Intelligence
    Session two will feature the completion of your 360 Leadership Assessment.  In addition, Session two will focuses on critical emotional intelligence competencies for leaders and professionals. You will engage in discussions and team experiential exercises to further your  skill set around managing complex stakeholder relationships that drive success.
  • Session 3: Managing Organizational Change
    In Session three, you will develop your skill at managing organizational change. You will engage in discussion and analysis of expected employee behaviors during significant organizational change and how to productively manage these reactions.
  • Session 4: Developing High-Performance Teams
    Session four features the development of your competencies as a team leader and team member. Utilizing case studies, simulations, and experiential exercises, you will enhance your ability to build high-performance teams by sharpening your communication skills as a leader and learning how to cultivate a collaborative environment.
  • Session 5: Developing Performance Feedback and Coaching Skills
    In session five, you will develop your performance management skills and learn how to effectively provide performance feedback, conduct performance reviews, and coach direct reports.
  • Session 6: Creating and Implementing Your Leadership Development Plan
    In session six, you will complete a personalized leadership development plan that targets challenges in your organization. You will identify specific leadership competencies for further development, and commit to implementing a practical action plan.

Our Leadership Essentials for Managers program is designed for mid-level to upper-level managers with over 5 years of business experience, including:  

  • Team leaders
  • Managers
  • Directors