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Business Strategies for Sustainability

Corporate citizenship is more than a trend, it’s an essential component of how today’s businesses must operate. Forward-thinking organizations increasingly need leaders who understand the complexities of sustainability, corporate social responsibility, and ethics – and how these tie into innovation, agility and winning in the market.

Based upon the SEER Business Strategy (Social, Ethical, and Environmental Responsibility), this two-day program teaches how to apply its principles to create superior, sustainable, and profitable products and services. Instruction will go beyond the triple bottom line -- people, planet, and profits -- to introduce the fourth factor, “product”.

Program Overview

  • Explore how producing a superior product and/or service generates financial growth, and is essential for achieving a sustainable competitive advantage, in any business.
  • Study the SEER (Social, Environmental and Ethical Responsibility) philosophy and model, in the context of challenges and opportunities facing business and society. Learn how it can be used to identify and sustain a competitive advantage.
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of the four macro-values: Corporate Social Responsibility (“People”), Environmental Stewardship (“Planet”), Financial Strength (“Profits”), and “Product/Service” and how these overlap and operate as an integrated system.
  • Evaluate the decision making process and explore how to balance outcomes across all four macro-values.
  • Benefit from a curriculum that integrates and blends case-based learning with real world situations.


"Robert (Professor Bikel) was very engaging, smart and explained complicated topics clearly and well. Enjoyed this course!" - Alex M.

"Andrea (Speaker) was very knowledgeable, experienced and brought relevant information to the forefront. She was great!" - Alex M.

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Program Information

Program Dates*
Spring 2025


Investment: General registration discounts are available for Pepperdine students, alumni, veterans, and previous Executive Education program participants. Please "Request Information" or contact execed@pepperdine.edu for additional information.

Achievement: A certificate of completion and digital badge is awarded upon successful completion of the program. This program does not carry academic units/credits. 

*Dates and locations may change. We will notify participants of any changes in a timely manner.

Session 1:

  • What is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)? The evolution of CSR, Sustainability
  • SEER Model (Social, Environmental and Ethical Responsibility)
  • Key Tools for Strategy
  • Materiality
  • CSR and Long-term Value Creation

Session 2: Case Study: Patagonia

  • Values-oriented business and Pluralism of Values
  • Group Work
  • Group presentations - role play

Session 3:

  • Focusing on Materiality
    • Sustainability reporting (Global Reporting Initiative)
    • Embedding impact into corporate structure
    • B Corps, Flexible Purpose Corporations, etc.
  • Leadership for Sustainability
    • Leadership and Vision
    • Setting Ambitious Goals
    • Systemic vs. Programmatic Sustainability

Session 4:

  • Intensive Analysis through all four lenses of SEER Model
  • Competitive Context
  • Macro Trends
  • Strategy
  • Recommendations

The Business Strategies for Sustainability Program is designed for:

  • Individuals interested in furthering their knowledge and careers in corporate sustainability, environmental stewardship, social responsibility and values-based innovation.
  • Business managers and executives involved in setting business strategy, managing operations, or developing new products/services.