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Davide Accomazzo

Adjunct Professor of Finance, Pepperdine Graziadio School

Davide Accomazzo has been trading professionally since the mid-nineties. He started his career on Wall Street as a Euro-convertible bonds and international equities trader for Jefferies and Company in New York. He left in 1998 to start a boutique hedge fund and a commodity trading advisor practice (CTA). He focused on trading equities long/short, index options and currency futures. In 2004 and 2005 he engaged in private banking and wealth management first with a partnership in the Principality of Monaco and then with UBS. In 2006, Accomazzo co-founded Cervino Capital Management, llc where he was managing director and head of trading until October 2012. In 2007 he also joined the Graziadio Business School at Pepperdine University as an adjunct professor of finance where he teaches MBA courses on global finance, portfolio management and derivatives.

In 2011, Accomazzo joined Thalassa Capital, llc as chief investment officer. Accomazzo writes extensively on markets and portfolio management issues on different specialized publications. He regularly chairs a faculty roundtable at the Graziadio School on macroeconomic topics such as the international monetary system, the future of capitalism and the global economy. Accomazzo holds a laurea degree in international studies from the University of Genoa, Italy (with a thesis on new dynamics in corporate communication in the post-industrial society), an MA in journalism from California State University, Northridge and an MBA in finance from Pepperdine University.