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Nelson F. Granados, PhD Associate Professor of Information Systems

Nelson Granados, PhD

Professor of Information Systems and Technology Management
Executive Director of the Institute for Entertainment‚ Media‚ and Sports
Academic Director - Executive Doctorate in Business Administration
Graziadio Business School


Dr. Granados is the executive director of the Institute for Entertainment, Media, and Sports and professor of information systems and technology management. He actively combines academia with practice, as a member of the Board of Advisors for technology start-ups, and he is a frequent contributor to the Media and Entertainment section on Forbes. His broad research interests are related to the strategic and economic consequences of digital innovation. Prior to joining academia, Dr. Granados performed multiple marketing management positions in the airline industry across four continents, and he was also a product manager for enterprise systems at IBM.

His research on the economic and informational impacts of digital technologies has appeared in top IS journals such as Management Science, MIS Quarterly, Information Systems Research, and Journal of Management Information Systems. This research has received multiple awards and recognitions, including the finalist 2012-2014 best paper in Management Science, e-Business Best Paper at the INFORMS Annual Meeting, Best Publication of the Year in the Information Systems discipline, and Best Paper of the Year in the Journal of the Association for Information Systems.


  • University of Minnesota, Carlson School of Management, PhD in Information and Decision Sciences
  • University of Minnesota, MS and PhD Minor in Applied Economics
  • University of Minnesota, MBA (MS in Business Administration)
    Concentrations: Marketing and International Business

  • Universidad de los Andes, BS in Industrial Engineering

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Julian Virtue Professorship, 2015-2017

Finalist, Best Paper in Management Science (Operations Management), 2012-2014

Best Reviewer of the Year Award, 2009, Journal of Strategic Information Systems

Julian Virtue Professorship, 2007-2009

e-Business Best Paper Award, INFORMS Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA, Nov. 2009

Best Paper Award, Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, Kona, HI, Jan. 2008

Best Publication of the Year in the Information Systems discipline, awarded by senior scholars of the International Conference on Information Systems, Montreal, Dec. 2007

Best Paper of the Year Award, Journal of the Association for Information Systems, 2006

Outstanding Teaching Award, Carlson School of Management, 2004-2005

Panelist, Hollywood IT Society Marketing & Analytics Conference: "Data Analytics: The Engine for Transformation of Hollywood," Sep. 2014.

Invited Speaker, MIS Research Center Seminar Series, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota,Minneapolis, November 2010.

Distinguished Speaker and Visitor, Executive seminar, Carey School of Business, Arizona State University, January 2009.

Keynote Speaker, International Conference on E-Commerce, August 2007.

University of Minnesota Graduate School Fellowship, 2005-2006

Carlson School of Management Goldsborough Research Award, May 2005

Carlson School of Management Fellowship, 2005-2006. Dissertation proposal ranked 1st