Robert Bikel, Director of the SEER Program; Instructor of SEER Business and Management

Director of the SEER Program; Instructor of SEER Business and Management

GSBM Instruction

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Campus: Malibu

Robert Bikel

Since 2011 as an adjunct professor, Mr. Robert Bikel has taught several courses in the SEER program as well as Strategic CSR Executive Certificate classes. He is also an independent strategy consultant specializing in sustainability-oriented businesses. His work has focused on strategic guidance and market intelligence for responsible companies in B-Corp/Benefit Corporations, cleantech, online media, e-commerce and food industries. Most recently he has worked closely with SEER founder Michael Crooke (ex-Patagonia CEO) consulting on leadership and strategy for high growth companies, including Fox International Channels and HBO Latin America. A former investment banker with Smith Barney, Mr. Bikel also has 12+ years of experience in entertainment as a development executive and producer. A Harvard graduate, he has a SEER-certified MBA from Pepperdine and has GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) certification. 

Published Intellectual Contributions 

Refereed Journal Articles

Crooke, M. W., Csikszentmihalyi, M., Bikel, R. S. (2015). Leadership in a Complex World: How to Manage ‘‘The Tragedy of Choice’’. Organizational Dynamics, 44(2), 146—155.