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Maria Odiamar Racho, '12

Founder, FilKor Capital 


What was the inspiration to start this business?

"What was the inspiration to start this business? A long standing passion I have to give back to my Filipino and Asian American community. I believe entrepreneurship is a path to economic empowerment, and access to funding could be a lifeline for many startups. I want to provide funding access particularly to underserved, untapped parts of our community."

How did your entrepreneurship classes help to move your business forward?

"How did your entrepreneurship classes help to move your business forward? I graduated in the MSOD program, however the access to MBA professors/students through the Graziadio Business School network, and the business workshops offered have been incredible. The entrepreneurship resources, professors and workshops have been especially helpful as business pivots or challenges emerged."

What have been the challenges you’ve faced so far?

"One of the biggest challenges has been staying clear and aligned with my partner and team around our strategy and key decisions, especially at the speed of VC. We have to be in lock step to move fast on deals, raise our fund, keep operations flowing, while adapting to the curve balls we encounter along the way. Another has been how fast things change: the market, the deals, opportunities that emerge or close out quickly. We have to be decisive, strategic, and responsive."

What is your hope for the future of your business?

"My hope is to help underserved entrepreneurs have greater access to funding and resources. I believe entrepreneurship is a pathway to economic empowerment, not just at an individual level but for the communities they serve. The success of these companies generates more jobs and opportunities within these communities and inspires the next generation of entrepreneurs."

Why should someone choose Pepperdine Graziadio?

"Pepperdine MSOD is the number one program in the field. It's hands-on practical experience gained from top experts and thought leaders from around the globe. The international aspect of the program is another reason I chose this program, not only from members of my student cohort, but the clients and companies around the world we are able to work with. Lastly, the network and community has been priceless, both in the MSOD and MBA programs. I have access to experts, practitioners, executives in all geographies, industries, and sizes of business at my fingertips, to share knowledge, ask questions of, or collaborate with on projects."


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