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Dive into the World of Marketing With Jennifer Yamada, Full-Time Online MBA Student

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where did you work prior to attending Graziadio? 

My name is Jennifer Yamada. I’m currently in the Full-Time Online MBA program. Prior to attending Graziadio, I gained some marketing experience through an internship at a small agency, where I assisted a client with their Facebook and Instagram strategies. I scheduled posts using a content calendar and increased their followers on Instagram. I also attended brainstorming meetings. While I enjoyed my time at the agency, I knew that I lacked a real understanding of how marketing worked; therefore, I felt that enrolling in the MBA program at Pepperdine Graziadio would be the best choice to explore my interests and increase my knowledge of this field.

What interests you about marketing? 

I’m curious about the psychological intent behind ads, TV commercials, and social media posts that make people want to buy a product or use a service. In addition to using my English degree to write copy and other documents, helping people to better their lives, and feeling great about what they are invested in are also aspects of marketing that interest me.

What’s your favorite class? What did you learn? 

From the MKTG 658 Marketing Management course, I received a strong general overview of the marketing field. One topic that I particularly liked was brand equity. It made me reflect on the brand-name products I use daily and the positive and/or negative impressions those brands have on consumers. This topic is important for all businesses – the more positive impressions that your brand receives, the more revenue and sales a company can drive. The opposite can be said if a company is seen negatively. We applied this knowledge and other learned concepts throughout the trimester in our Education to Business (Pepperdine E2BTM) project, which was brand equity-focused. This project involved research, data analysis, and a bit of creative application!

How have your studies at Pepperdine prepared you for roles post-graduation? 

Since my goal is to work at an agency post-graduation, the knowledge of how to create positive brand equity, which my Pepperdine education instilled, will be the most valuable component of working with clients. My preparation will allow me to help small, local clients become well-known in the state, keep larger clients at top-of-mind, and excite their customers for future endeavors. Brand equity is a large part of a marketing strategy and one that can’t be overlooked.