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How to Win at Work in 2022

Steven Van Cohen (MSOD ‘11) shares his insights on the super strategy that will help your professional dreams come true.

Steven Van Cohen

Emphasizing “Connectability”: Alumnus Steven Van Cohen Influences Leadership in Workplace Cultures

Co-author of Collectable and Co-founder of LessLonely.com, Steven Van Cohen (MSOD ‘11) shares the journey that led to his entrepreneurial endeavors – addressing “connectability” at the forefront.


The New Leadership Discipline Required in the Age of Isolation

Loneliness is rampant in today's workforce. Here's why leaders are best suited to tackle the growing issue.

Alumni on campus

Realizing the Power of a Referral: Alumni Explain Why They Refer Graziadio

Mohamed Nasr (MBA ‘18), Ellen E. Swarts (MBA ‘16), and Aaron Young (MBA ‘13, EdD ‘17), share their Best for the World Leaders experience.

Pepperdine cross tower on Malibu Campus

Alumni Spotlight: Alumnus Curt Swindoll (MBA '00, PKE 103) Shares The Power of Purpose

Through his work as a co-founder of Grafted Life Ministries, alumnus Curt Swindoll knows Graziadio’s mission and his understanding of leadership.

Alumnus working on computer during COVID-19 pandemic

Together, Apart: How The Graziadio Alumni Community Has Come Together During COVID-19

As advocates for our community, we would like to honor & recognize some of our Graziadio alumni for their significant contributions during COVID-19.

HER-CHA Tea co-founder Andy Habobyan

HER-CHA Tea Co-Founder Talks Time at Graziadio Business School

HER-CHA Tea co-founder Andy Habobyan shares his success story and how Pepperdine Graziadio helped shape his career. Read our full interview now!