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Alumni Spotlight: Alumnus Curt Swindoll (MBA '00, PKE 103) Shares The Power of Purpose

Curt Swindoll (MBA ‘00, PKE 103), co-founder, Grafted Life MinistriesThrough his work as a co-founder of Grafted Life Ministries, a nonprofit dedicated to resourcing churches to help people grow spiritually, alumnus Curt Swindoll demonstrates Graziadio’s mission and his understanding of Best for the World leadership. During the COVID-19 global pandemic, Grafted Life Ministries has gone above and beyond to help serve their community as an essential resource for spiritual growth. As the coronavirus expanded into a more significant issue causing all to self-isolate, Curt's nonprofit began providing emails and video resources to stunt the overwhelming feelings of isolation and uncertainty. The support, titled "At Home With God - For Such A Time As This" offers ideas to individuals on having spiritual conversations as part of their daily activities. Each week features different ideas, resources, and guided ways to build a "spiritual toolbox" that can be used beyond the COVID-19 era.

Beginning Grafted Life Ministries in 2010, Curt uses his knowledge from Pepperdine Graziadio to drive his nonprofit forward. Curt reflects on the teachings of many of his Graziadio professors, including Dr. Wayne Strom, who sorrowfully passed away earlier this year. For the past twenty years, Curt has leveraged Dr. Strom’s advice and implemented his insights to create an impactful nonprofit organization – and plans to keep his legacy alive as he continues to move the organization forward. Curt hopes to remind others that they are not alone during this crisis and that God is with them. To learn more about Curt and his organization, give them a visit on their website: www.graftedlife.org