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Reinventing The Wheel: The Benefits Of Part-Time Master’s Degrees

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As the academic landscape continues to evolve year after year, it isn’t surprising to see more students learning towards earning a master’s degree in a part-time modality. This type of learning format appeals to a wide array of demographics due to a part-time master’s flexible schedule, economic advantages, and abilities for individuals to earn an education without having to put their lives on pause completely. 

The Difference Between Part-time and Full-time Master’s Programs

As you consider the best graduate program for you, it’s essential to make note of the key differentiators not only between degree programs and learning outcomes, but also their modality and course format. While every master’s degree comes in all shapes and sizes, there are a number of differences between a part-time and full-time program. Two of the most significant differences are schedule and program costs. 

Part-time master’s programs are normally designed to meet the needs of a working professional, offering a more flexible schedule to help students maintain a healthy work-life balance during their graduate school studies. Due to its flexibility, the time to complete a part-time program typically takes longer and is heavily reliant on how many courses the student can fit into their schedule term over term. In contrast, a full-time curriculum is more structured and requires students to dedicate the majority of their time to their program. This is not to say that individuals cannot have a job while being enrolled in a full-time program, but it can be more of a daunting responsibility to balance. Given the more stringent schedule, students are able to complete their degree within a specific timeframe, but with little room for flexibility. 

Program costs also can vary between part and full-time master’s programs. Depending on where you choose to study, the average part-time master’s degree is usually more affordable in comparison to a full-time degree. Additionally, students enrolled in a part-time master’s are able to hold a full-time position and have a steady income to help fund their academic ventures. There are also companies that will support their employees' educational aspirations and provide partial funding to help them earn their degrees. This being said, there are funding options for both a full-time and part-time master’s degree. 


The Benefits of a Part-time Master’s Degree Program

Much like the differentiating factors, part-time master’s programs have the same advantages—a flexible schedule and economic value. Since part-time master’s are designed for a full-time work schedule, the flexibility allows students to earn their degree within the timeframe and pace they need while keeping to their work commitments. 

Another perk is the opportunity cost of a part-time master’s program. Since students are able to maintain a full-time working schedule, they do not have to sacrifice their income while they pursue a degree. By keeping a steady income, they are able to continuously fund their education throughout their time spent in the program.  As working while attending school becomes the new standard for many students, so is the level of flexibility part-time master’s programs offer, creating more avenues for students to complete their degree in the time and format they need—ultimately increasing the appeal of a part-time master’s altogether. Additionally, part-time programs have various scholarship opportunities to give candidates the chance to subsidize costs. An abundance of available scholarships caters to specific needs and requirements, making it much easier for students to fund their master’s program journey. 

Once again, while these are just a few of the benefits of a part-time master’s program, every program is different. Whether it be in a full-time or part-time format, you can find a master’s degree program that fits the budget, schedule, and goals you need. 

Getting a Master’s Degree With a Part-Time Program At Pepperdine 

Pepperdine Graziadio offers specialized part-time master’s degrees with a cutting edge curriculum focused on developing values-based leaders positioned to pioneer the future of business. These programs allow our students to earn a distinguished degree within a flexible timeframe that meets their academic needs and fulfills their professional career goals. Learn more about how you can balance your career and education with a part-time master’s degree from Graziadio.