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5 Reasons to Consider a Career-focused Part-Time MBA Program

Today, top business schools offering a Master of Business Administration (MBA) program are fostering environments where students can gain real, hands-on experience to help them grow as leaders, drive change to improve products and processes, and create new businesses opportunities that impact the quality of people's lives. A Part-Time or Fully Employed MBA offers flexibility and can help working professionals advance their careers and earning power.

Here’s how:

1. Experience-driven Curriculum

With a curriculum designed to help students address real-world business scenarios, use innovative methods to solve problems and work with a wide range of companies, from start-ups to larger corporations, an advanced degree business education puts students on the right path towards an education that will serve them and their community.

2. The Chance to Develop a Versatile Skill-set

A business education offers the opportunity for students to gain skills that can benefit them regardless of the field they enter. Students acquire skills like networking, communication, decision-making and how to present effectively, which helps them to become better leaders.

3. Offers Students Real-world Insight

MBA programs give students a taste of real-world situations in an experiential learning environment where they are immediately able to put what they’ve learned into practice. As working professionals, students are able to use these skills and focus school work on situations that can benefit their own organizations.

4. Provides a Collaborative Environment

Learning to work with others is essential to one’s success in any field. Businesses are group environments, and working collaboratively in teams gives students the chance to think through problems with their peers and learn to work together to meet goals, In an MBA program, you’ll do more than work in teams, you’ll learn how to build them, which is an important skill in today’s ever-changing global marketplace.

5. Gives Students the Chance to Expand their Network

A business education allows for future business leaders to connect with other leaders by learning to expand their network–starting in the classroom. You’ll interact with fellow students and professors who have business and management experience, as well as gain access to the extensive alumni network of your chosen institution.